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How Many Of Each Coin Was Made?

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Pennsylvania 2005 (Trackable on GC.com)





Antique Bronze - 1000

Satin Gold - 250

??? - 6


Yes, it's a blatant tease, but well worth it.  :lol: 

Stay tuned.  :P

Hey Yemon Yime, :) do you know how many of each 2004 Pennsylvania coins were minted?

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Good topic!

Here's the coins I've been involved with so far:


Dallas / Fort Worth - non trackable, but numbered

1000 Bronze

200 Silver

100 Gold (4 un-numbered)


New Mexico - GC.com trackable

1200 gold


Texas Autumn - non trackable, but numbered

500 gold

2 silver


9key personal coin - non-trackable, but numbered

100 gold

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2006 Georgia (Stone Mtn) ~ 1000

2006 GA Peach ~ 330


I thought there was only 200 of the 2006 Georgia Peach?

Had paypal issues..they honored all orders until link was closed.

What he said and the end result was 330.

Yes 330 are in production as are 1000 Stone Mountain coin.

Here is the Icon for both:icon.jpg


Thanks AG and all for your support!

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There's still a lot of coins missing from this list, even though there's 134 coins on it already. Anyone know how many of some of the state & event coins were minted? Colorado, Midwest Geobash, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio and European Union are all still missing. And what about the coin club coins? I know there's tons of personal coins missing, too.

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Great idea, thanks for making the list.

Still a lot of coins missing.  I'm curious about Alabama 04, GBES, GOWT 05? Just to name a few.

According to the sales page for the GOWT coins there were:


150 Limited Edition 10K Gold Plated

850 Pewter Finish

Isn't that the 06 coin though? I was talking about the earlier coin

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Here's 3 more:


Texas Winter Edition 2005-2006: 250

Numbered but not trackable


Colombia: 100 gold, 20 silver

Numbered and trackable as a personal coin


Oklahoma 8 Nations: 80 silver, 20 black nickel

Numbered and trackable as a personal coin

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I think it would be helpful to have the dates they were produced as well.

That's a very interesting idea. I just wonder how difficult it would be to get that information on older coins. Anyone else know some production dates?


I didn't see the black nickel.  I want 1-2.


This isn't a thread for ordering coins. Please don't try to do it here.

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