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Unlock Help Needed With City Select V6

capt caper

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Contact Garmin. I had the same thing happen with my 76CS. They sent me a different unit with (obviously) a different unit ID. I called them and said I wanted to activate my maps on the replacement unit and did NOT want to use up my second unlock key. They said that they normally replace whatever was on the unit they replaced and didn't show that I had the maps unlocked on my unit I sent in. I informed them that I DID have the maps installed and unlocked. They gave me a new unlock code which worked fine and allowed me to unlock the maps on the replacement unit without having to use up my second unlock code.


Call them. Do it now. ;)

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Did you check the packing slip/repair paperwork carefully?


I got a brand-new-in-box replacement for my Rino 130 earlier this summer when I sent it in with bad radio problems. Included in the paperwork was a single page that had a new unlock code on it that matched the replacement's serial number.


Worked like a champ.

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