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Glass Cache


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I would be very hesistant on a blanket statement that the entire geocaching community is paranoid about glass containers. Sure, there are a few places that they are acceptable contaners, and few that they may even be the best container for the location.


They may not be as durable as an ammo can, but not all coountries have the availability of ammo cans that we enjoy here. Also, clear containers have a (slighly) lower chance of being destryed by a bomb squad.


- woof

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I got an FTF on a cache over a year ago that was a glass Mason jar placed inside an old plastic lunchbox, lodged under some rocks in a cold and swift-moving creek. When I opened the lunchbox, the glass jar was shattered and the logsheet and all of the broken pieces fell into the rushing creek water :lol: and I cut myself in the confusion. :P It was all fun until I opened the lunchbox. A true bummercache. :)

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I have to agree with criminal. Here's my 2 cents.... How far gone are we as an organization to be so paranoid of using glass containers that there has to be a debate over their level of potential hazard?


The issue isn't really a hazard, its one of durability. I've already seen broken glass cache containers. All it takes is one cacher with slippery fingers. Hey, if an owner wants to use glass and go out to replace it and clean up the mess every time someone drops it, more power to him.

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