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Latest Version Of Google Earth (free Version)

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I have just downloaded the latest free version of GoogleEarth, and, to my suprise, it shows a whole lot of cache locations.


I think it must have got them from GSAK as the ones shown on the list are all those on my main GSAK database - ie the ones that I have not yet found.


Has anyone else noticed this? Or has it always been there and I am the only one who has not noticed it?

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You sure that you have not downloaded the GC.com KML file as this maps caches onto Google earth. I'm sure that it will be this


Milton (aka Moote)

I did download that, but only after I discovered that caches were showing on GoogleEarth.


Besides, as I have mentioned, my home co-ords only appear in GSAK - they are a 'virtual' cache that gives me an anchor point to search GSAK for nearest caches. It is not a genuine cache.

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Google Earth will import GPX and LOC files, maybe this is what is happening?


Do File Open and change file type.

When I do File/Open it has the default Google file types there. There is nowhere in the preferences where I can change that default.


However, if I change the file type in File/Open to gpx, and then look at the drop down file selector, there is a list of all the gpx files and locations on my PC. I have never asked it to do this, and it has only appeared in the latest version of GoogleEarth. Perhaps it is a new feature, that it looks for gpx files on the computer?

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Eh? For me it doesn't automatically load GPX files when I start GE and there are none stored. I can browse the GPX files on my PC using File/Open and changing the file type to Gps, just like a normal windows program, and then open them if I wish.


Also note that GE Plus will connect to an external GPSr via a com port, but I have never tried it - look under Tools/GPS Device.

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They are definitely coming from a GPX file then. GE is converting this into a Keyhole (KML) file when you import it. The importing takes a few seconds.


The Keyhole file from Geocaching uses a custom icon graphic. Maybe the author of GSAK will add KML export functionality at some point? (hint :) )

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I am sure you are right. The odd thing is, I do not remember ever asking to import it. Maybe it does it automatically?

Yes, that is odd. That isn't default GE behaviour AFAIK.


Are your file associations correct? A GPX file is opened in GSAK for example? You didn't doubleclick a GPX file and it got opened in GE by mistake?

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Maybe the author of GSAK will add KML export functionality at some point? (hint :) )

It's already there. Just get the GoogleEarth macro from Clyde's website, run it, and the caches in your current filter will be shown in GE.

Nice one, haven't ever tried any macros - maybe I should!!

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