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Ewww What's That Smell?

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The worse smelling cache we've lound was our own. Some fishermen found it, took everything good and left fish. The fish had been in there for about 2 weeks. They had even signed the log book. Another member of the Sevateem was going to Washington State on bussness , so I was going to get a T/B that was in our cache for him to take (it was gone).

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September 17 by mightymules (145 found)

Do you smell fish? Not sure if it was fish, but smelled something when myself and Shydog took off on the wrong path. We quickly recognized our mistake and found the cache with no problems. This was a very nice hike. Signed log, TNLN. Thanks, Rick (A.K.A. Hank) of Mightymules.

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September 17 by Team Shydog (462 found)

What a wonderful hike to this cache. After a false start through the new sewer plant we found the right path. I recommend this cache to all. Thanks for putting it out for us to find. We grabbed the R2D2 TB and dropped off some swag.

Chris-Team Shydog

Monticello, IN 47960


Speaking of smells...I thought you guys would enjoy these two entries made in a cache in indiana. :lol:

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