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Iowa Geocoin Is On Sale

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Crap. I saw a new post to this thread and HOPED it was in regard to finally sending invoices to those of us on the "approved" list. I keep waiting to pay for this coin. I am on the list for 2 - one for me and one that I've arranged to trade for another coin. I hope it happens soon.

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Invoicing has indeed started.


They are sending them out in waves to keep the server from crashing. Also, they are not making the link public since they don't have any extra coins. They will contact you shortly I'm sure.


Be patient! (Of course, that's easy for me to say, since I already paid for my coins!) :D

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Please note: If you haven't received an invoice yet, you won't be getting one. :D


There has been an error, and there are not enough coins to go around. :D


I have extras if you want to trade...







Ok, not really! I was just bored so I thought I would post this. :D


I crack myself up sometimes... :D

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Please note: If you haven't received an invoice yet, you won't be getting one.  :lol:


There has been an error, and there are not enough coins to go around.  :lol:





Good one...I figure I could make it to Iowa in about 18 hours driving hard :lol:


That BIG thump your heard was half the folks that were on the order list hitting the floor in a dead faint :lol:


Truth now...thanks for all the hard work put forth to make this coin a reality.


PayPal'ed for my 4 a few minutes ago (the link worked perfectly.



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I have sent email to all the people that are on the accepted orders list. I have heard from most of you but about 30% of you have not responded. If you are on the accepted list and have not recieved an email from me on how to pay for your order then email me. It is possible that the email went to your junk folder so check it. Starting next Friday 11/18/2005 I will remove you from the list and reassign the coins to people on the wait list.


Accepted orders


Quick update on delivery they were suppose to be delivered today but customs grabbed them due to th invoice value being to low, they left a 0 off of the value . So a new invoice request was sent and hopefully the coins will be released Monday or Tuesday.


I will do one more mass emailing on Monday to everyone that has not responded to the email I sent out.

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I have heard from most of you but about 30% of you have not responded.

I submitted a paypal payment, does that count as responding? (I didn't reply in email or in the forums)

paying through paypal is the responce I am talking about.

I figured. But since so many people think that they need to post when they placed an order on the webpage and post when they paid through paypal, maybe I wasn't posting enough. :rolleyes:

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After getting very upset for not getting the email and thinking I lost getting this coin, I looked in the spam folder and there it was.


Then I looked back further in the forum and thare was a posting warning of this.


After observing all the "stupid" people that can't follow simple instructions in the forum, now I have become one!


I put this at current end of thread so maybe someone else can avoid my mental anguish

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Finally got the email when it was sent as a private reply. There are likely a number of other folks who didn't get the email because it was sent as a "mass mailing" and was filtered out as spam by their ISP. Glad I got it taken care of and paid for. Thanks. :laughing:

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I tried to only put 10 to 15 emails in each message I sent, is that considered a mass emailling :o . I was hoping to avoid that problem. I am down to only about 20 people left. As soon as I finish printing all the invoices I am going to go through update my database to show who has paid and verify that the qty is correct. Then I will try to send each person left an individual message through gc.com, not much more that I can do outside of that. Probably be working on all the invoices through tomorrow :P Some people preordered with one email but have another for paypal so I have to match those up with the invoice :laughing:

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I took the day off when the coins were suppose to be delivered. You think I would know better by now that they never come when you wait at home. The coins were held up by customs :( . I just got word tonight that an updated invoice was sent and hopefully the coins will continue to me in the next day or two. Everything is printed here except for the mailing labels.


These are people that I have not recieved any responce from on the coin orders placed. I have sent multiple emails but no luck. :ph34r: If you know them let them know that they need to get a hold of me.



cainrcc - I reponded to your email hope you get it this time.

Mrs Nushiekitty



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wow, was I ever confused.


I got the original mail and didn't click on the 'update record' button which gets you to the payment page. Just PayPal'd for my one (1) coin.


Dunno if anybody else was similarly confused, but it would be nice to send a reminder to folks you haven't heard from if you can spare the time...

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