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Iowa Geocoin Is On Sale


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I will send out paypal invoices about a week before the coins get here and as I recieve payments I will start labeling envelopes "YUK" That part freaks me out.


posting this becasue I meant to start a new post for orders and I forgot.


Orders outside the US must limit themsleves to 5 coins, I know I can fit that many in a special envelope for 5.00 . I do not want to do any specail packaging.


As of now any more orders will be going onto the waiting list.


Order Iowa Geocoin


After you hit the submit button wait until it has given the successfull message, do not stop it while it is clocking that would be "flag waving for ie users" .


If you are having trouble storing to the database send me an email with your request. iageocoins@mchsi.com I will looking at this about every 15 minutes.

Good Luck :unsure:

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663 have sold, once I hit 750 anyone that orders after that will go on a wait list. I am holding 250 coins for the local cachers to buy from. Once I am sure that they are done ordering I will dole out the remaining coins to the people in the order that they requested the coins.

I'm local, so if you want to move my two from one group to another....

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I have received orders for the first 700 coins non local, so only 50 more available. The other 250 coins are reserved for local cachers of which 50 are already ordered. Once I feel that the local cachers have had an opportunity to purchase the coins I will apply the remaining coins to the people on the waiting list in the order that they were received. So go ahead and place your orders and you might get one.


I have done my best to clean up what look like duplicated orders. I have written the cachers that I have seen and will clean them up as they write me back. That will free up a few more coins.


I will probably not update this again until tomorrow night after work I am tired and its time to go to bed. :unsure:


Here is the current list of people who have placed orders and are in: :huh:


cachename qty


2golfers 2

3AMT 5

501_Gang 4

9key 2

Albatross1901 5

AuntieNae 10


bcscachers 1

Big JohnP 5

BisonWoman 4

BlueDeuce 2

bluegillfisherman 1

Bullit 66

bushwackin' schmo 2

Cache & Keri 5

Cache-bert 4

Cache-Hounds 5

CacheClone 3

Cachedasher 1

CacheDragons 10

Cachehunters42 4

cainrcc 1

cainrcc 1

cascadepkr 2

cazray and Mrs.Caz 2

chef_cache_alot 1

chilehead 4

chilehead 4

Contryguy 6

Cornerstone4 2

CT Trampers 2

DancesWithMoose 2

darth_maul_3 5

darth_maul_3 5

dblrngr 1

dhenninger 4

Dliming 3

donbadabon 2

Doughball 2

elmosmelmo 1

El_Rolfo 3

EticoKai 2

Evil Chicken 2

f0t0m0m 10

FlyinV 3

G Force 5

Geometeacher 5

Go JayBee 10

Golfin'Fool and Me Too! 2

graylling 2

hydnsek 48

iBrew 3

IceCreamMan 2

Inter-Galactic Ice Weasels 1

j2d2 2

Jake - Team A.I. 4

jamrasc 3

jan and the percey boys 5

JeeperMTJ 3

Jeff Goodson 5

John&Jess 2

Junglehair 5

KevinG68 3

Kilted Cacher 2

Ladybug Kids 5

Ladycacher 2

Lazer 4

leighhale 2

lpyankeefan 3

LZ33 2

M&M Hunter 2

macatac1961 2

MamaMouse 1

ManGenGho 1

Marlin01 1

Mastercacher 1

mcarpenter 2

medic208 1

Mertat 2

michigan_chris 2

MikeOtt 12

mocadeki 2

MooseMaMa 4

Mr & Mrs Smith 2

Muck 1

NashvilleJoe 4

nevcowpok 2

nielsenc 2

Nurse Dave 112

ODragon 2

oldnavy59 2

OurWoods 3

Packerbacker78 5

PassingWind 3

Peconic Bay Sailors 4

Pengy & Tigger 5

Peppermill 6-Pack(WMSfresh) 8

pieman 5

Prairiepartners 3

Ranger Rick 2

Renegade Knight 20

RooBoy 3

Roving Land Sharks 1

Rupert2 2

Rusty O Junk 4

RustyBeerCan 3

scnider 10

Shasties 3

Shop99er 1

ShowStop 5

Slammer180 3

SoMDCacherz 1

SoyGuy 2

Squealy 2

Team CoyChev 2

Team Ferret 2

Team Kryptos 2

Team Maddie Uk 5

Team Nowayman 5

Team Owl 2

Team Perrito Blanco 3

Team Sand Dollar 2

Team Simpsom 2

teamdonutdog 5

teammaddog 2

thBriGuy 2

The Moop Along 6

The Walkabouts 5

the4grays 3

thrak 2

Tim Rohaly 2

tmocm 4

trail hound 5

TucsonThompsen 2

Two Happy Hikers 2

Two Happy Hikers 2

UtahBill 31

vds 1

walkin' ed 3

welch 2

welch 2

WildwoodBob 5

WLU Cachers 3

wolfmaster 2

Wrightstuff 1

ylfgd85 1

yogi and dolphin 4

yogi and dolphin 2

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As of right now any orders other than local cachers will be put on a waiting list.


These two lists will update as soon as you place your order.


Here is a list of who has orders made it in.

:)Verfied for coin orders :)


Here is the wait list, I will try to update this daily.

;)Waitlist for coins :)

I don't understand how I could be on both lists. Is my order verified or am I on the waiting list?

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