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New Iteration Of Gpx


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Most people I know have their browser caches configured to be cleaned up after a session.

I would say that you know a very select group of people who do not represent the majority.


The default for most browsers is to keep cached files across sessions, because it speeds up the browsing experience. Files are not removed until a preset storage limit is reached, and then they are usually selectively removed based on date of last access.


Most people do not use the 'paranoid" settings, unless they have some real need to do so.

You may be right. I'm not sure how large the percentage of such people actually is.


How big is the fraction of DSL subscribers of all Internet users? Would not most of them have some personal firewall installed? Would not many of them regularly use anti-spyware tools? And quite some part of the dial-in users would also use these? Lot of this stuff is bundled with PC sales these days. And as far as I see, most of this software provides "privacy services": Manage cookies, clean up browsing traces. Not that people actually need it but the software does its job at most places where it is installed, I reckon.


I'm just saying that local caching should be done dedicatedly for the geocaching images/descriptions by the corresponding tools. To require browser caching being configured in one way or the other would IMHO not be a very good idea.


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Well this topic has certainly gone off track.


I'll edit to thank folks that contributed at the beginning of the thread who asked for existing options to be included that aren't currently available in the Groundspeak namespace for GPX files. If there are any more please let us know. Otherwise please keep your non-legal interpretations of terms and browser caching and whatnot out of this discussion.

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I agree that this thread keeps veering in an unpleasant,off-topic direction.


Here's what I would like in the next-generation Groundspeak GPX schema:

  • Query parameters, including the center point for circular queries.
  • Attributes. Even if we can't use them to define PQs, having them in the PQ output would allow third-party tools to use them.
  • Summary of find statistics for each cache (# of finds, DNFs, and notes).
  • Image GUIDs for included images. (using GUIDs means only downloading them once, if you are smart).
  • Members-only status.

Those things would be nice, but, really, I am quite happy with the GPX output as it is right now.

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A new attribute which would be useful is the user name of the person the query was generated for.

what for? me, the creator of the pq, still know who i am. ;)


happy hunting.

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Some people share their pocket queries with other premium members. This is possibly against some TOU but people do it and if it means that the server processes my queries quicker, then I'm not going to complain! I remember a debate a while back about some difficulty of importing other people's files into an offline database (may have been GSAK), which went beyond the obvious "hey not all my logs are in there!" complaint. I didn't pay much attention at the time other than to make a mental note "if the XML is user-specific, why isn't the username in there?"


Anyway, if swapping PQs is tolerated by TPTB, I can try to dig out the posts and see what it was that the username would be useful for. If not, it's a non-starter so I won't waste my time looking! ;)

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How about adding the number of people watching the cache, and the bookmarks that list the cache?


Could be useful to search for "interesting" caches beyond the normal attributes...


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Its been almost two years and I have not seen any attributes included in the GPX files. Although you may be able to select attributes when setting up the pocket query, I have not actually seen them in the GPX, or when I load them into GSAK. If they can be included, please show me how! Thank you!

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Newbie question -- if images are included, does this mean that when I generate a Pocket Query that I will be downloading a much larger GPX file?


If yes...


It would be nice to have a choice (images on or off) in the Pocket Query page when you are setting up a PQ. I'd prefer to have smaller files (no to images) and it sounds like other folks would like them (yes to images).



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However (as it does now), in would include LINKS to images.

The only links are the ones in the description the owner puts in himself. Spoiler pictures, or links to same, are not included.


Personally, I think it would be trivial to add links for the spoiler pix to the end of the description or into an additional log as an option.

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