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Thought I would post a screen shot with the new geocaching function turned on for those that are curious about it. The locations seem to be offset a bit, so you still need your GPS to find the cache.




If you can find my cache in the picture, than bonus forum points for you! :)

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I think the image is about 125kb in size. So depending on connection speed, you can guess how long it would take to load. It is hosted by blogger/flicker, which are international sites also. I can send you the image as an email if you want.


Let me know.


B&F - I am too new to Cape Town to be starting trouble like that with the folks up north. I shall allow you to pick those fights. :huh: I might be ushered out of the country and back to Bushland! :unsure:

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I'm 3 storeys almost directly over Discombob's head, sharing the same mega-fast connection and also can't load it.


When trying to visit the image alone, ACCESS DENIED :laughing:


Could be the corporate network blocking it or Blogger blocking us. Either way, hard-lines :laughing: .


Won't you mail the screenshot please :laughing:

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There seems to be issues for some loading the image. If anyone wants to see it, and can't, PM your email and I will send it. attachment is 140kb's. I can do others if you want, within reason, if you send me a coordinate. (you ought to have some of those floating around :laughing: )


I can do this until the end of the month since Telkom so kindly ramped the cost of internet on 1st Nov, that I have gigs to burn until then. So I might as well use them.


What a system.... :laughing:

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All I see is the text "user posted image". No image available. I've seen this on other posts where folks seem to see the image and I only get that text. I wonder if it's due to using Firefox.


I always assumed it was because the image no longer existed at the referenced site. When using the direct link I get "ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved" which would seem to corroborate my assumption.

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You need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. Google Earth


The free download is about 10 megs. You will also need a decent broadband connection to start with. I use ADSL 384 right now for it. Perhaps someone with ADSL 192 can comment on whether it works on that speed.


Once that is in place, then just start exploring. As you zoom around, it stores the images in your system cache locally so you are not re-downloading every time you zoom to your house for example. This allows you to use it offline also. (Saves on bandwidth, thanks Telkom. :ph34r: )


For the geocaching option, you grab that from your profile section on geocaching.com. It is a small plugin that query's the geocaching database everytime you zoom around. You get 200 queries a day,I have never used more than 25 so far. :lol:


Hope that helps explain how to do it.


Let me know if you want more info. :P

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