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Ranking The Totally Tubular Caches


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Here in Seattle, we have been blessed with a series of wonderful engineering marvel caches that are collectovely part of the "Totally Tubular" cache series by Dayspring. My kids and I have loved these caches as have quite a few others. As a small honor, and hopfully incentive to continue, I thought I might start a poll to see which the cachers most liked. Here are the contestants:


Totally Tubular!

Totally Tubular II

Totally Tubular III

Totally Tubular IV

Totally Tubular V

Totally Tubular VI


My favorites, in decending order are : III, II, IV, V, I (Haven't done VI yet which was just activated). Anyone else care to vote and motivate Dayspring to continue this great series (and rumors are that number VI is about to be launched)?





ps - in addition to the TT series, check out this classic which, while admittedly not original was new to the Seattle area: At Long Lat


edit to add link to TTVI which was activated about 12 hours after I created this topic.

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We haven't been able to do V yet. It was disabled Saturday when we were in town.


I thought III was great. The first one was the funniest. We were on our way somewhere so Mr. WD jumped out of the car to grab this one while I waited. Not knowing what to expect..... well, it sure was fun watching the suprised look on his face. I did jump out at that point and help!


Thanks Dayspring!

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I'm resisting the urge to find the rest of Dayspring's marvelous tubular caches right away...the first three are outstanding, and of those three, the third is my favorite. I took my son back to that one when I found it, because I knew he would enjoy it. That's what these caches are like: I want to take other people there (cachers or not) to witness the ingenuity alongside of me. I'm looking forward to finding the next three in the series. I view Dayspring's caches much like Eraseek's...I like to savor the thought of finding these tantalizing caches in the future.

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Perhaps it is hard for me to be objective, but here is my list:




I still have some future caches planned, although there is only so much you can do inside of a tube. However, I will continue to try to think outside of the box to create inventive caches that test your physical as well as mental abilities.


Your comments do encourage me to continue creating these caches.


Thanks to Fishiam for the question.

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I saw this post come up in the forums this week and followed it with a bit of interest.


But when I saw this:


  I view Dayspring's caches much like Eraseek's


My hands started shaking and I broke out in a sweat. I knew right then I was going to put them straight to the TOP of the gotta-do-list. Thankfully the family was willing and we were able to drag along some extended family (2oldpeas) because we knew we were going to need our collective brain power to figure the tubes out.


After finding all six today we were split down the middle on which one was our favorite I or III.


Thanks, Dayspring, you're tubes made our day!!


Edited to add: And a big fat thanks to you, too, fishiam for your original post and showing us the way to the tubes!

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I missed III today, so can't comment on that one...but from the others...


V - A long walk, but the Tube was fun!

IV - Very ingenious use of Earth Magic on this one!

VI - Watching Andrew retrieve this one was a blast...hearing him encourage us for "Harder" and "Faster" was worth the trip!

I - The original and first one of these I'd experienced

II - Also good, but something has to be last... :unsure:


I'll re-order when I hit III someday.

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I have to say that in my opinion, IV was the best. Following that, was III, and yes, seeing ARJ working so hard to grab VI was quite fun.


But quite frankly any of these caches are head and shoulders above any bare ammo can, bison tube or Lock and Lock stashed behind a tree.


Dayspring is now the guy that I am going to watch for caches. I believe that I will now enjoy them. Besides, I believe that he should teach us something about creating a decently interesting hide.

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We got damp, and for me the sweating inside the coat/sweatshirt was almost as bad. Most probably had isues with staying warm.


I finally took the coat off and just let the rain get my sweatshirt wet.

I on the other hand stayed warm, dry and comfy all day, mostly because I wore waterproof boots, and enough insulation. I did forget my hat, so I used an umbrella all day, a fact that was noted and used by all at one time or another.


Umbrellas rock!

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