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Dragon Coins Order Now!

Chaos A.D./aka Arlsdaddy

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Thank you everyone for putting your cacher name on the papypal page. It's making things way easier to keep track of who ordered what, and at this rate the order may go in alot sooner than expected!


When the time comes I will post an updated list. If ppl bow out then that's a few more up for grabs. Don't worry, keeping all emails and correspondences for awhile :lol:


The coin mint is working on the art proof. Looks to be a couple days to get it. I will post as soon as I can :lol:

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I'd be interested in a trade.  That's the only way I get personal coins (save finding one in a cache!).

My coins are also limited in quantity, and I am the sole source for trades  :unsure:

Ditto on that....you wanna trade? I'm in...The price DOES seem rather steep...should be able to buy 2 for that much, I would think.

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This list is for those on the list who haven't paid yet. A couple have passed, many requests to be put on the list. If you see your name and you wanna pass on this, let me know so I can add others. If you see your name here and you already paid, let me know, probably just a typo but wanna make sure to get you counted! Expect to get art proof sometime today.


Captain Chaoss 2

Ipyankeefan 2

Team Rampant Lion 2

xfalcon1 1

fisnjack 1

chef_cache_alot 2

WYlostinMA 2

bikinibottomfeeders 1

Cav Scout 2

GeoCrickets 2

geolands 2

Two Happy Hikers 2

Pepper 1

EpiduralGirl 2

Balla & Silly 1

Nanni&PapK57 2

Night_Hawk 1

legm 2

dhenninger 2

CTGeoscout 2

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Payment and E-mail sent for 2 coins Cant wait to see them and show it off at York County geocache society 4th Thursday event!!


Sorry for being late was out of town For a few days and Our daugther just got married on the 22nd.so I wasn't able to check on progress of the coins.

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PP'd for 2 coins.



Good to see you guys are doing better

Nothing like beating a dead horse :P . He paid for these on the 23rd, this was prior to him listing the coins on ebay on the 26th. There is no indication that they are doing any better based on him paying for the coins three days prior to hardship :lol: .

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