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Dragon Coins Order Now!

Chaos A.D./aka Arlsdaddy

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OK..please read this before ordering!


Please do not make a payment if you are not on the list! Already a headache and having to make refunds!!


And no, these are not trackable. Sorry for the price, if you don't like it you don't have to pay it..will post art proof when I get it :mad:


Please do not ask for coins on this thread, the list is completed


Again...here is a rough sketch of the coin..it WILL NOT have the diamond cut edges, this will cut the price down.



Notes and instructions:


If you asked for any coins as of about 1 hour ago, you should see your name in the list.


The list is in the order of the posts.


Coins will be $9.00 each, includes shipping and packaging. Limit 2 coins! Only 250 will be minted!!


To order:


Send payment via Paypal to geonutt@comcast.net


If you wanted 1, 1 will be next to your name

If you wanted 2 or more, 2 will be next to your name

We, at this time, are not allowing you to get 2 if you only asked for 1

Minting will be started after we get 100 preorders


After you send payment, e-mail me at geonutt@comcast.net with your cacher name and real name (first initial and full last will be ok) along with city, state


Post on THIS THREAD that you made a payment (This is just double checking myself)


Looks like 21 days after order is finalized to get the coins. Hope fully it will be less than a week before the prepayments are made so they can be ordered by Friday.


I hope I didn't miss anything, if I did or you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail directly for quickest and easiest response time.


Please do not place an order if you do not see your name below. It will create a headache, and we want to be fair. Thanx.


Here's your list:


Kilted Cacher 2

CacheDragons 2

Moun10Bike 2

odragon 2

f0t0m0m 2

Captain Chaoss 2

Cornerstone4 1

M&M Hunter 2

legm 2

Cache-Hounds 2

ou8alizzard 2

Rupert2 2

Blind Avacado 2

YemonYime 1

Ipyankeefan 2

Team Rampant Lion 2

WildwoodBob 2

GrandpaKim 2

smokey & the teacher 2

xfalcon1 1

ladycacher 2

Thorny1 1

Renegade Knight 2

Prairiepartners 2

fisnjack 1

chef_cache_alot 2

SharpShin' 2

Toojin & Bart 2

Golfin'Fool and Me too! 2

XRN95 2

WYlostinMA 2

Team Nazgul 1

DLiming 2

KevinG68 2


Bjornian 1

Facedances 1

bikinibottomfeeders 1

Cav Scout 2

GeoCrickets 2

Cache & Keri 2

IceCreamMan 2

geolands 2

DresselDragons 2

Two Happy Hikers 2

BisonWoman 2

Pepper 1

EpiduralGirl 2

DancesWithMoose 2

Team LighteningBugs 2

Balla & Silly 1

Nanni&PapK57 2

Night_Hawk 1

graylling 2

Mystery Ink 2

Son of Cyclops 1

Stephanie2427 2

Cruiserdude 2

Terrible Ts 2

Parrolet 1

GeoCrickets 2

Team Bigdawg 1

legm 2

dhenninger 2

Two Happy Hikers 2

Darby Gill 2

SharpShin' 2

CTGeoscout 2

57chevy 2

Bear Paughs 2

Team CoyChev 1

julia51:) 1

Big JohnP 1

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I'll see after all are shipped and my local geogroup gets theirs. Depends on how many left if I'll trade or just drop in caches. Probably both, we'll see when the time comes.

Well will that be in order that we posted in your other thread? Cause I'm there nice and early on the 13th, and find it odd that you never once indicated your coins were for sale only until today.

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