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Ball Point Pens.....category

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..The idea is that everyone has a ballpoint-pen in his or her possession that has advertising from a business or a place you vacationed, or someone gave you a pen for the promotion of their site or area.

The trick would be to log the name and ?....... well I wont give away all the details yet :mad:

......this category isn't even as bad as (Simulacra) paint blisters that look like ???? or rust spots.. ;)

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Here is more....

I have a number of pens with printed advertising on them.

One is a local 'Ford' dealer- - - You take a picture of the pen and the dealership and log your co-ordinates.

The other one is from a hotel in Hawai' 'The Royal Kona Resort' (a souvenir) with their name on it. So you take a vacation spot picture of the pen and hotel, to show you have been there ...and log it. The opportunities are endless.

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OK, I get it now...


My feeling is this would be really cool if the pens were something someone had *before* going out there. Unfortunately I think it would turn in to "I went, got the pen and took my picture outside the place".

I wouldn't see the point of having the category if you had to have the pen first. Seems much more useful to think of this as the "Places where I can get a free ball-point pen" category :D

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