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How Long Have You Been Caching?

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Got a GPS 15th September for my birthday and have attempted 5 caches so far - found 3 including our first international in Paris last Tuesday. Taking it very leisurely so far as the nasty W word tends to get in the way. Having fun ;)


Going to hide our first tomorrow hopefully - fingers crossed

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Started 1 May 05 at Wayland's Smithy


I enjoy walking and cycling - caching seemed a good way of doing both (not simultaneously!)


Since then I have cached in Belgium, Canada the USA and Cornwall( <_< )


Current tally is 217 caches, although I have placed none, and I have released 3 TBs


4 FTFs too <_<


I have roped my youngest son (aged 13) in on occasion - he enjoys the chase and the search

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It's nice to see several cachers here who started off on our caches, even if Gralorn did find one by accident!


We've placed 99 since we started on 1st Sept 01 and found 399. We enjoyed the numbers game to start with and found the first 100 quite quickly (whilst there were few caches around) but slowed down some time ago due to other activities.


However, we still enjoy occasional trips out to place the keys to our Signature cache, and despite several setbacks in our plan for our series for our 100th cache, it will come eventually.

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We started 27th May this year.


We've found 69 dude! And we've hidden 2.


Our first was St. Andrews in Sutton. We did it without a GPS.

We ordered our GPS online that night and it couldn't come quick enough for us. We were itching to go and find some more.


We always go as a family (I've done about 3 of the 69 on my own).

We've been to some really interesting places, been stung (by plant and insect), soaked through, had mud up to our armpits

and caught out in the dark in a forest without a torch.

We've all enjoyed every minute.


This has been the best summer I've had since I were a lad. :anitongue:


Looking forward to our 100th and many more! :anibad::anitongue:

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...on top of a mountain during a comfort stop.

:P Sounds a bit exposed to me... :P Mrs Blorenge


:anitongue: Not on Blorenge, I hope!

Yes the place was exposed for a comfort stop! We had to walk quite away to find a rock big enough to hide behind. :anibad:

(Alright for men, they just use the wheel arches! ):anitongue:


No! it was on a mountain in North Wales!

We had just driven across a bog, stopped to gain comfort (If you get my drift) when one of the group came back after finding the box in a rocky crag.


That made us curious and the rest is history.

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