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How Long Have You Been Caching?

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Caching since April or May 2004, can't remember exactly - I got into it gradually -the 1st and second each took several attempts before I bought a GPS!


Found 247, set 6 or 7 including the 1st 2 UK earthcaches with Alibags. I've bagged 96 trigpoints as well.


Gone quiet now though, I used to have a great job for caching, but now I am self employed it's trickier - which is ironic as I thought it would be easier!

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Started in July this year. Found 8 so far. Waiting for a bit more experience before placing our 1st cache, but found loads of brilliant hiding spots!


Like others on the board, we enjoy the walks and seeing parts of the countyside that are right on our doorstep, but that we've never seen before! Numbers aren't all that important compared to the walk and the thrill of the find.

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Well, Daniel, after reading all those very impressive stats above, ummm, erh..The Blorenges from down here in rainy SE Wales have been caching since May 2004 when we found our first ever on top of the hill called The Blorenge. (Although, if you look at the date under the helicopter, you'll see that Mr B found this group way back before then.) We've found 73 and hidden 11. So you can tell we're not in it for the numbers! :mad: But that's the good thing about Geocaching - Every individual cacher can play the game their own way - You can spend every weekend out rummaging in the undergrowth/sticking your fingers into muddy, slug filled holes/lifting up 237 identical looking rocks or you can just look at the weather in the morning and say, "Looks like a bright day - How about going over to Little Bogfartin in the Marsh to see if we can find that micro The Murdlegummidges hid last November?...." ;) Mrs B

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We started way back in 2001.


Before geo-geeking, Sue and I started taking longer and longer bike rides - this found us faffing about with maps every 15 mins to make sure that we were on the right route. This led us to using GPS to ease our travels and naturally led to geo-geeking. Now we find ourselves cycling to caches!


Mind you, when I (Bernie) find myself at a loose end at various corners of this country or other pastures further afield due to the job, I get myself out and about looking for tupperware rather than clogging up the bar. No doubt this is a sign of passing youth...


We do relish and cosset caches - we will happily wait until next year for those within bike range and for those further afield, we will plan trips from suitable supermarket carparks (free parking and cheap scoff).


We avoid "power trails", urban caches and micro-caches - we like stuff out in the countryside on obscure Public Rights of Way on meaninless pathways set down in year past.


We have reported 3 infringements of PROW on our travels - almost on first name terms with the PROW Clerk in Norwich now...

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For those that might be remotely interested, GPG have accumulated 395 finds just one week shy of one year since first find. Have managed to pause and hide 20 so far and have a a few plans up the sleeve for a few more. :mad:


Hope to notch up 400 on the actual day and see where we go from there...


Go Pack Go

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Hi Daniel :mad:

We've been at it since Boxing Day 2004 and have found to date 164 caches and placed 26 (two have been archived due to muggling), one currently temporarily disabled again because it got muggled but will be up and running with a replacement shortly. It's great family entertainment for us and we have been having so much fun. We love searching out new spots to place caches.

Happy caching, Liane x

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Weve been registered with geocache since Feb 2001

Good to find someone who has been at it as long as I have - geocaching that is!

But although first registered in February 2001 it took me till April to find my first cache and that was over 100 miles from home, but then there were only 36 others in the country at the time.

The next 617 have been great fun (mostly) and I've made a lot of good friends. :mad:

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:mad: Hi Daniel, Since Jan 19th 05, 190 caches , 29 Hides and five tbs.Introduced into this mad caper by the `Bedlingtonduo` who we accompnied around Roamin Round Richmond and our first solo Easby View.Favourite finds The Kitchen & Woodwater both yomp`s in winter weather with the latter also being our funniest(see log), most surprising location Eaves Pudding,most frustrating, Roseberry Topping (2 no finds as micro had gone, so had our legs), best area for caches Bingley and most rewarding cache Scarfell Pike along with the gang that we went up with.Camping events we enjoy and can not wait till your mum sets one up ;) . We would not care to guess how many you will end up with starting out at your age, hope to see you soon..BFN Edited by WETHERSPOONERS
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Started in March 2003; I didn't have a GPSr for the first six months but managed to find around 20 caches without one. Now on 747 caches (Pooter and I are tied at being the highest scoring Scottish cachers); have set 22 caches (18 active) and organised 2 Scottish Geocachers' Days Out events.

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Hi Daniel, great idea for the forum - it's producing lots of interesting replies :o

Sam and I (remember Sam in my backgarden with Jess??) started almost the same day as you and for a while I thought I was keeping up the pace that you lot set, but Sam found it too exhausting ( :o ). So we have done 122 since January, set 19 and adopted 2

At least I got you into trigpointing on Catton Beacon next to my cache (shameless plug and what brownie points do I get for the introduction Deego :o:laughing: )

Sam is looking for the sausages, so must finish :laughing::laughing:


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Began August 14th 2004. I have found 220 caches and hidden 14 (2 of which have been archived). I have got 6 (going on 7) TBs, and have helped initiate and organise 1 cache bash.


I got my GPSr many years ago to help me in my long-distance walking. I have lost interest in humping a heavy rucksack for days on end (all right - I'm getting too old for it! :laughing: ), and have found it hard to find stimulating walks which have campsites along the way. Geocaching has been more than a good substitute, combining walking with problem solving as it does.

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We did our first cache last august after buying a gps to plot speed and distance on a boat(excuse for a gadget), heard about geocaching on a forum for Norman boats,I think it was introduced as "anyone bored enough to try this yet?" now half the regular posters on there seem to be having a go.

Now done 145 and hidden 2(lazy sods we are), old magellan 2000 soon got updated to etrex vista soon followed by a laptop and a palm, and I thought boating was expensive!! I believe sailing is likened to sitting in a bath of cold water tearing up tenners :laughing: , I use engine power so get to stay dry.

Can't think of a better way to find all the interesting places the usual tourists don't get to find.

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Hi there Daniel,


I found my first cache (Nobby's 'Dilapidated Des Res') on 19th October 2002. Since then I've found 1081 caches including a whole heap of event caches. Deego did tell me that I held the 'Event Cache Record' a while back but that's probably been grabbed by someone else now. I've set 30 caches and adopted 3 more. The first one was set on 25th November 2002 after I'd found 21.

8 of those 33 have since been archived for one reason or another so I have 25 active with one more in the 'pipeline'. I'm really kinda chuffed that one of my caches is currently at the top of the G:UK ratings and has been for a month or so now.

I hope you get as much fun and enjoyment out of the game as I have.

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We found our first cache January 2003 and hid the first one in February that year. We've now found 862 and hidden 46, 3 of which are now archived.


So far the caches we have hidden have been found 2797 times by 490 cachers. We would love to hide more caches but we're having trouble keeping up with the maintenance, specially on the Kennet & Avon series which is really popular.

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I started in September 2004 when a friend from an off road club I’m in asked me to take This Tb to Ireland.

I had no idea about Geocaching so we went to This Cache for me to see what I had to do. I’ve since logged 1 more of this series but I think I’ll hold a lap record for the slowest lap around Silverstone. :)

I then went to the then Dublin Airport Bug hotel and placed the tb in the cache just before I finished 2 airport policemen came by asking what I was doing so I started to tell them something I knew very little about, after a while they left and I went home and started to look into Geocaching some more and got hooked.


I’ve now just passed my 200 find not to bad I think as I can only cache in the winter months but its get to find so many interesting places that I never knew existed B)


Well that’s my story. :)

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Hello this is Daniel from Us4andJess


We started caching in January 2005 and we have found 300 caches. How long have you been caching? And how many caches have you found? Also how many have you set?


thank for answering




Well daniel, you are doing better than me anyway,

I also started in jan 2005 and have to date logged 240 finds B) and a fair few DNFs too. :D

but i have set none as i do not have regular access to a computer except at work, which i should get back to now :D



Iain the Bargee

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Hey Daniel


After a bit of scepticism about the game/sport/pastime we finally signed up and got started on the 11th April 03 and haven't really looked back ... well not that much :huh:


So far we've found 310 and set 4 (well 5 if you count 1 we archived and moved to a new location :( ) and, oddly enough, have recently adpoted the first cache we ever found!!! :D:unsure: We plan to set some more soon and suspect we'll be caching for many, many years to come!




m and m

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Hi Daniel!


I already had a GPSr and Memory Map for use on walking trips, and found out about geocaching when researching some GPS info on the net. I signed up and found my first cache in January 2004 (only last year!). Living on the Isle of Man is a bit restricting: there were less than twenty caches on the island at that time. Even though there are now more than sixty, more than half are mine anyway!


I've managed to find 293 since I started, in 10 countries on 3 continents - which I think is quite good, as I can rarely get to an unfound cache without checking in at an airport first!


I've also hidden 36 caches, of which one is an event, one is archived and one is adopted (it's the only one off the island and was a joint effort with Team Ullium: The Musical Box).



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I'd had two GPSr's before I finally found a use for them in August 2002. On the Glocbalpositioningsystems website, buying number three when I read the link on geocaching and I've never looked back since.

It used to be easy, keeping up with all the caches in Scotland back then. Now its a cacher's market and you can pick and choose what you want to do.

Ps, Sally - 749 now.

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