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Legend C Or Legend?


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I wonder if i buy a Legend C, will i able to upload maps from MetroGuide Europe V7 into C ? or MetroGuide Europe V7 is only for Legend?


If i can't upload maps from MetroGuide Europe V7 into Legend C (and i really not gonna buy City Select) can i able to create my own maps (as easy as possible).



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I have a Legend C. I thought the only difference between a Legend and a Legend C was the fact that the Legend C was color.


If that is true, than logic would say anything you could put on a Legend would also work on a Legend C.


Let me add a warning though, that answer is only a hypothetical answer, as the unlock codes for Garmin products are unique to the GPSr, thus, if you have an unlocked MetroGuide Europe V7 for your Legend and you also want to put it on a Legend C, you will have to call Garmin to get a new unlock code.



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HEy there,

The MetroGuide Europe doesn't ask me the unlock code.


I checked out the garmin.com and the MG Europe doesn't fit in Legend C (hm..weird huh?), only Legend it says.....


I need to some1 confirm this so i know if it's good the buy the C or just wait a better deal.

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I checked out the garmin.com and the MG Europe doesn't fit in Legend C (hm..weird huh?), only Legend it says.....

You're correct that it's not listed as being "compatible" but that doesn't mean it won't work. Since the LegendC supports auto-routing, the preferred street mapset is CitySelect-Eur which provides the data needed for that feature. But *if* you never need to use the auto-routing feature then you can use MetroGuide-Eur instead. The maps and POIs are the same as for CitySelect and it has the advantages that it doesn't need unlock codes and is less expensive.


Also a comment on djnso's statement that the Legend and LegendC just differ in screen type. These two units are quite different in many respects; 8MB of map memory for the Legend vs. 24 MB for the LegendC, autorouting on the LegendC, geocaching mode and other new features only on the LegendC, different processor, and even the case shape is different although they look similar.

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Hi there,


I bought my Legend C about a year ago. I was able to load maps from MG Europe v6 onto it no problem. However I decided if I was going to spend that money on a unit, then I wanted the routing capability. So I bought the CS Europe a month later. Pricey but worth it. I find it a great unit with CS.

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So what you say it's possible to use MetroGuide V7 in Legend C? if that it would be nice NOT have to buy the Select City.


I like the C but not sure about able to upload the maps from MG v7 to C. The legend is cheap BUT it has too small ram, only 8mb.


one more thing, color of the screen, are they better then SonyEricsson K750i ? :mad:

and will the maps i upload to Legend C in color? becuase the MG v7 is not in color, so once again software compatible?

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So what you say it's possible to use MetroGuide V7 in Legend C?

Yes, as I wrote above you won't have any problems using MetroGuide-Eur (and MetroGuide-NA) in the LegendC *unless* you want to use the auto-routing feature.


Garmin doesn't list MG-Eur as being 'compatible' since otherwise they'd get lots of complaints from people who would expect the auto-routing to work.

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Wow, that a big price difference between MetroGuide Europe, $140, and CitySelect Europe, $300.

I too would probable go with only MetroGuide. You still have auto-routing capabilities if you connect the GPS with a laptop in your car.

Color should work under the assumption that you get color with MetroGuide and the MapSource MetroGuide software on my laptop.

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but will the map be in color?

Yes, it'll be in color if you download the maps to a LegendC or other Garmin with a color screen. The MetroGuide maps will look exactly the same as CitySelect ones - they just won't support auto-routing. I'm not familiar with the 750i, but the Garmin color screens are very nice, especially in sunshine where no backlight is needed. They look good under darker conditions too with the backlight on.


[There's even a reported work-around for the auto-routing but I think it has other drawbacks.]

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