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Birthday Bug

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right folks i have a bug number for the birthday bug :laughing:


i am going to write a page for the bug (could take a while :laughing: )


then i will come back with the bugs official name,

if you then go to the bug page and add your name to the online calendar (i think, but i'm not sure that the online calendar will only take one name per date, so that will be first come first served basis, but if you double with someone else please let me know and i will still send you the number) which should be linked to the page, then email me to say you have done that i will email you back with the bug number, so you can go back and officially log the bug (so there's no cheating)


please put your birthday on the write up too (for a bonus point let me know if you share your birthday with anyone famous)


most people i have emailed have said it is ok for me to just add their names, so this is probably the easiest way


i have still wrote all of the birthdays down in a real diary if anyone would like to see that


the bugs mission is just to get one cachers birthday for each day of the year so it shouldn't be too hard (famous last words and all that lol)


i almost understood that be back later with official name



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how many rude emails do you want to send me tonight stuey lol :blink:


just leave it and let the next person grab it please


i meant for people to just put names on calendar and famous person and dob on write up after they got the number


dont matter really tho cos i hardly understood what i wrote myself in the earlier thread lol



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it only seems to be today that people are having problems with the calendar, all the ones that logged yesterday went great


i haven't been there much today as geo site has been down for quite a long time, i will be heading there now


if you have made a mistake on your entry please let me know what it is and what needs changing through my geo email addie


i was advised to put some security on the calendar to stop anyone one who wanted to be an idiot from going in and wiping out the whole calendar (it was nothing personal against any cacher) i'm sure you will understand


i have 81 emails standing at the minute :) i will get around to sending everyone the bug number as soon as possible



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I've added my birthday to the calendar but forgot I had to do the "famous person" bit as well. So I've been trying to find a good person that I want to be linked with on the 20th March - Now, who do I identify with? ;) Holly Hunter? B) Not really. Dame Vera Lynn? B) A great lady... but is she right for a geocaching TB? B) ...


....Ah ha! The perfect candidate: adore.gif Sir David Montgomery! Chairman of the Forestry Commission (apparently B) ) I need to keep on the right side of Sir David...we've put 3 caches in his forests so far ;)B)


Mrs B

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I've grabbed it, and logged it into a local cache so that it picks up its miles....but I can't get back into my birthday date on the calendar to add my (slightly) "famous person". It won't accept my caching name/password :D How did I do it the first time? :D Can you add in Sir David for me? (See 5 replies back :D ) Mrs B

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