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Birthday Bug

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I have an idea for another posted bug ;)


I would like to do some kind of Birthday Bug


There must be thousands of cachers in the UK and some teams have 3 or 4 members, like us, so between us we must have a birthday on every single day of the year


Maybe just a small book and I would write the months and dates of the year through the book and you put your name next to your birthday.


(Do you have any ideas to make it a bit more exciting?)


If you would like to join in let me know, and your birthday date


Mandy...March 23rd

Graham...June 17th

Jon...January 19th

Daniel...October 17th

Jess...april 12th



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We're in B)


Wisdom first ;)


Dave 12 April

Nette 9 May

Stephen 8 January (90)

Stephanie 9 January (91)

Trixie (4Paw Drive) 29 February (rescued birth date not know so we use that rare date B) )


How about each person has to put a photo of themselves taken on their birthday with a gps in their hand or paw ;)


Dave B)

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I'm happy to be included - 15th April.


I wonder if you will get someone for every day of the year. Some time ago I started a thread asking what signs of the zodiac cachers were. The results seemed to show that those who post in the forums, at least, are not by any means evenly distributed amongst the signs.


Aries and Capricorn were joint top, and Cancer bottom. For anyone who's interested the thread (now locked) is here.

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i noticed looking through last night and counting dates for each month that have been sent to be so far, that october is by far the most popular month


what star sign is october?


i was trying to see if i could get one cacher for every day of the year, come on you lot sign up, how hard is it to write your name in a diary and post it on?



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The most popular birthday for cachers has to be the 3rd May. One half of Procky & Co shares their birthday with both Peter (from the House of Boo), & Denise (DTJM).

The other half of Procky & Co shares their birthday with Motherduck (27th March). Nellie the rescue geocache hound doesn't have a birthday - like the 29th Feb idea though.

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