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Weatherproofing A Cache


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I have found a great spot, with a great view, have all the swag, log book, etc. for the cache.


I have my .30 cal ammo can.


The area I will hide it in gets SLAMMED with snow each year. The hiding spot will stop it from being "in" the snow. But when the snow melts, seeps through onto the ammo can, and then refreezes, that may be a problem.


Will the rubber sealing crack and leak?

What kind of problems do ammo cans have in winter, and what can I do to stop them?

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I've visited ammo cans that have been through numerous winters with feet of snow, and temperatures as much as 40 degrees below zero, and they generally seem in good shape.


I would make every effort to place your ammo can in the upright position, so that water (and ice) will not accumulate in the gasket area.


I would ask visitors to make sure that the cache is not overloaded, and that any ziplocks and other stuff are not interfering with the gasket, hinge, or closing mechanism.


I would go over the ammo can with a rust preventative paint on the outside surfaces to insure a longer life, as some cans get scratched and dented during their use by the military, and these damaged areas will be the first to rust in harsh conditions.


I would not try to improve on the design by trying to modify the gasket.


Beyond that, I think your ammo can should last for years.


Good Luck,



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I have seen ammo boxes leak. In one case I think a plastic bag got caught in the seal and in the other I'm not sure why it leaked. Still, if the seal is fine it shouldl hold up under all the snow mother nature can throw on top of it. I always put the logbook in a Ziploc just in case but other than that, you won't need any extra weatherproofing for an ammo box.


What kind of problems do ammo cans have in winter, and what can I do to stop them?


The only real problem I've encountered is opening them. Sometimes the seal is too good.

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What kind of problems do ammo cans have in winter, and what can I do to stop them?

Not really a leaking problem ... but I've seen ammo cans frozen in the place they were hidden. Usaully in a freeze, thaw and freeze condition the container will become cemented in place. However, any container could have this problem.

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Ammo Boxes are incredibly durable and very weather tight. When I lived in Florida there were several caches that are submerged for several months because they are swamps and flood zones and the ammo cans never leak. Heavy snow won't create any problems, if your still not sure try posting in the Northwestern forum, which includes Alaska. If anyone would know how an ammo can holds up in severe weather it would be those folks.


Alll you really need to do is sand them very slightly and use some spray paint. Otherwise your good to go.

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