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Error In Application.

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WM2TV - When creating this waymark I set the "built date" to 1900 as this was the earliest year I could set. Then I wanted to edit the waymark because I found a typo. But then I got the following error:


Server Error in '/' Application.



The year value (1) of the Date property is greater than the maximum (2005) or less than the minimum (1900). Please adjust values or set AutoAdjust property to true.


The category manager is also unable to approve the waymark, I'm guessing for the same reason.


Please help,




Wayfarer II

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I see yours dates back to August.......doesn't bode well....

What does that mean, bode well? Comes off as a bit odd.


The date issue is known and a solution is in the works. Keep in mind this is a beta period and some of the smaller bugs will have a lower priority. For this one we will provide an optional text field for dates to go below the standard date options.

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