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Quest For 2100 Finds This Saturday

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Over the past half year or so I've been looking forward to and trying to decide which cache would be my milestone 2100th find (hey it's the number in my user id so I want it to be a special and memorable one). Well the time has finally come this Saturday, October 22.


I had 3 different caches in mind, and Spelunker Lookout (GCG0ZV) at Warsaw Caves Conservation Area which is about 25 km NE of Peterborough, was the one we choose for this special find.


I'm currently at 2097 finds, so beforehand we plan on finding the following 2 caches on the way:

GC23D1 - Birch Knoll

GCJVV6 - Birch Knoll Lookout


It's hard to say since we live a couple hours away, but I will guess and say that we will probably get to the parking area of Spelunker Lookout at around 2pm on Saturday. Both Ellesche and my son will be with me and I invite anyone else to join us in this special hunt for this cache. Also, since it is now off-season, I have been told that there is no admission to get into the conservation area.


We look forward to this cache and to it hopefully being one of our most memorable caching experiences.

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:o Congrats on the milestones. Birch Knoll & Birch Knoll Lookout were our 1st & 100th finds. Hope you take the easy way in & out (we didn't :) ) We did Spelunker Lookout on New Year's Day 2004 - it was a great walk - the picture of the wood carved face for my avatar was taken there - see if you find it! (We found it by taking a wrong turn, so you may miss it)


It sounds like you have a great day planned - enjoy!


-Donna G

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:lol: Unfortunately :lol: I am stuck at 2099 finds still as we failed on 2100 yesterday after 3 hours and then ran out of time and daylight. I could have gotten it easily today in downtown Toronto, but well, that just wouldn't be all that memorable.


So I will now plan on getting 2100 this coming Saturday sometime before the North Halton GeoPoker & Pub Grub event at a local cache, either at Juglandaceae Juglans nigra L. or any new cache that appears on that day.


And what will make it even more special, is that Ellesche will be going for her 700th find, and if we've done the math right, it should be on the same cache as my 2100th.

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