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Nudecacher Innocent!


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I've read this thread three times and I'd be honored if nudecacher did one of my hides.


I'm not trying to debate the right or wrong of this, just the fact that it's presented as a main geocaching topic. It's not. It's compelling, it's interesting and it's fun but it's not a mainstream caching topic. It doesn't belong here and it shouldn't have the blessings of TPTB to be in the main geocaching forum.

Okay, if the forum mods what this moved, they'll move it. Beyond that, why worry whether or not this belongs here or in Off Topic? Its more on topic than some of the other threads ongoing, but I don't see anyone complaining in the threads about what battery is best or which protien bar tastes the least like sawdust.

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Hea Gary I just ran across this little thread and WOW congratulations on beating the case that's just awesome. I've been following your case thru the cache page from day one.


Having met Gary and spent some time talking with him I can for sure say is one very nice man!


Cache on young man.



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