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Garmin Ique M5 - Good Or Bad?

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Because things like this can happen, I would have second thoughts about using that expensive item for Geocaching.


In fact, I dropped my Palm yesterday, but the hard case was still closed around it and it survived.


A durable, waterproof GPSr would be best for Geocaching, IMHO. An inexpensive, older monochrome Palm works fine for the cache data with Cachemate installed on it

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I know that a lot of folks would not use a PDA for geocaching because of damage, but with the proper protection, it works great.


The biggest advantage is if you don't like the existing software, you can use something else. There are lot of GPS software packages that support the PPC. Here are some examples (link)


For protecting the unit see this link.


If you like to spend money, you can buy a ruggedized version (link)



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