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Cost Effective Gc Trading


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OK! Has this idea been tossed around yet?!?!? How about instead of a trackable geocoin, I design a trackable geoPIN! They cost a lot less to make and people can wear them or place them in caches like originally done.




Your in the Geocoin forums. This post goes somewhere else. ;)

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I've been thinking about trackable, collectable china plates...like those Elvis ones... :)


I've made a series of trackable wooden geocoins that for about 1/20th of what most of the geocoins are going for these days...they have already entered their workplace and people are actually...placing them in caches...


at the end of the day, everyone should play the game the way they want to...



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my backpack is trackable...and tracked, once you have the number you could track:

  • coins
  • a dog
  • ketchup packets
  • books
  • or anything you desire

I think there is an evolutionary jump in the making where a whole subset of geocoins will never see the inside of a cache...that's not a bad thing, just a thing. People collect all sorts of things, why not disks of metal with geocaching logos on them.


I collect all sorts of coins, just not geocoins...those go in geocaches.


If anyone wants one of the new NYGO NY geocoins, keep an eye on caches in the adirondacks in the days and weeks after they ship...the 4 I ordered will be placed in caches as soon as I get them.



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