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Another Problem With 2 Units And City Select

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Ok, now that I have city select uploaded onto my computer, here is another issue.


I loaded this software onto my husbands computer, I used MY unit and HIS unit on it. I unlocked both units on his computer. Now I want to use the software on MY computer with MY unit. I'm am having the hardest time. I was able to unlock the maps and download them onto my unit, but it didn't unlock them on my unit. My serial number was nowhere to be found on any of the software when it says "choose your unit". My husbands wasn't either for the record.


What am I doing wrong??? Could they possibly make this any harder?




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Go to your husband's computer and open MapSource. Click on "Utilities" and select "Unlock Maps". Click the "Next" button. Click on "View my installed unlock codes" and click "Next". Double-click on the appropriate map/GPSr combination and a pop-up will reveal your 25-digit code for that unit. Write down that code.


Now go to your computer and open MapSource. Click on "Utilities" and select "Unlock Maps". Click the "Next" button 3 times. Type in the code that was revealed on your husband's computer and an identifying comment.


The maps on your computer should now be unlocked to your GPSr.

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