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City Select: Number Of Cd's?

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I installed my software a few months ago on my other computer. Now I want it on my new computer. It isn't letting me install. It almost seems like there should be a 3rd cd with what it is telling me.


I am putting in the 1 of 2 cd and this is what I get:

Please start this data cd install from the set up cd


I don't see a set up cd. Am I missing a cd??? I have 2, do I need 3?


Thanks so much


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Digging through my 'box of Garmin pieces-parts', I see a double-CD jewel case containing two 'City Select' CD-ROMs - those are the two data CDs that you've found so far. The setup CD was inside a separate cardboard booklet that had the words 'setup guide', 'MapSource', and 'START HERE' on the cover.

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