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Wtb: Car Bracket For Garmin 76

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WANTED TO BUY: Car Mount for Garmin 76


Car bracket for Garmin 76. I have a Honda CRV gen 2. I use an external antenna and 12V adapter in the CRV. I need something that really works - perhaps that sticky bean-bag design? Also looking for Garmin Topo maps. I have the Garmin GPS map 76S. I think that a bracket for the 72 may work? Thanks for looking. -Paul



What i really want is a RAM Suction Mount for Garmin 76

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A lot of folks like the bean bag. It didn't seem like it would work for me due to the way my dash is constructed. It would have to be too far away to suit me or else block my view somewhat by being directly in front of me on the raised up portion of the dash. I also didn't want to have to stick anything to my dash.


I purchased a RAM suction mount for my 76CS and I'm very happy with it. I can stick it to the windshield in the left hand corner and it places the GPSr out of the way and just to the left of the steering wheel. It doesn't obstruct my view of the road and the GPSr is very visible and close to me and I can easily hit a button on it without reaching across or stretching. The mount holds the unit extremely firmly and the flex arm is very stiff so I can position it however I like and it stays put. However, until I WASHED the inside of my windshield the suction cup would come loose after a day. Once I actually used some glass cleaner on the inside of the windshield the thing sticks really well and stays in place until I decide to remove it. It's currently been in place for about 2 weeks and is still firmly attached.

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As I was driving home today, I was thinking about the best location & wouldnt you know it, I ended up with the same location that you mention ... to the left of the dash hump. Can you tell me the details of your RAM mount - what model for each component and where you got it (did you order direct?).


Great idea!

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