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Washington Post Story To Run This Friday

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Hi Gang,


The Washington Post will be running a story about geocaching in this Friday's edition of the Weekend section.


I was lucky enough to meet the reporter a few weeks ago, and we did a few of my caches at the Rust Sanctuary here in Virginia. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with a Post photographer on October 2 who joined us for a group hike at Goose Creek as part of the Hot, Hot, Hot! event.


We're all looking forward to seeing the article this Friday - for a peek at my account of the adventure, check out my blog:


Airsafety's Cachin' Madness!


Many thanks to the Washington Post staff for their interest in our sport, and especially our photographer, who had no idea what she was getting in to as we scrambled up and down ridgelines, through brambles, pickers, and spider webs, over streams, etc, etc. She was a real trooper!


Cache Well Everyone!



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Be a pal and post a scan of the article dooood!


The Post usually has it's articles on line (for two weeks anyway). Might require registration. (there are some sites out there that give out pre-registered usernames/passwords to use, I forget the names). I'll look for the link tomorrow and try to remember to post it.

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Here's the article in the Washington Post. Looks like they checked most of their facts. I didn't see anything glaringly wrong.


Washington Post Article


As mentioned before, you may be asked to register. If you don't want to, go to the site mentioned above and use the account given there.


For people who get the dead tree copy, is there more in the newspaper itself? (Pictures, infoboxes, etc.?) I wouldn't mind picking up a copy if there is more than just the article and the one picture in it.

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I too am pleased with the article. He really covered all aspects of the game well.


While Airsafety was representing the big-time cacher it looks like I was included to represent the "casual cacher" and offer up examples of urban caches.


I took the reporter around to a couple of caches in my "State Quarters" series. I was also the first cacher he met up with for the story - He had no clue about GPS, finding compass direction, or where a cache might be hidden. He did mention that he was meeting up with a very experienced cacher later that week, and I knew it had to be one of the DC area heavies, and indeed it was. I was thinking it would be PyroNorm or FlyingMoose, but it looks like Airsafety got the honor.


Good times!



AKA Eric, Tris, & Mark

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PFFFT! 'DC area heavies'....NOT! Hahahaha! But thanks for the mention. It was a decent article and I was especially pleased that MGS got such great billing - they deserve it!


Sheesh, if I could just rack up about 11,000 more finds to match my good friend CCCooperAgency, THEN you could call me a 'heavy'!


Cheers To All!



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