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How Do I "project" A Waypoint On A Garmen Etrex


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I'm trying to solve a puzzle on a multi-stage cache and it requires that I "project" a waypoint, and I have no idea how to do this. The puzzle is similar to this ( actual details changes so as not to spoil it for others ).


The next stage is located exactly 1/2 mile due south ( True ) from

N 43 12.456 W 72 22.696


I'm using a Garmin Venture


Help, Please

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On my Garmin 60C, it's MARK->MENU->Project Waypoint. Since the distance is in miles, you just enter .5 and 180° for south. For what its worth, if you need to project in other units, there is a hidded menu under the "mi" indicator. If you cursor over it and hit ENTR, you can change units to mi, ft, yd, km, m and nm (miles, feet, yards, kilometers, meters or nautical miles). There is also the ability to change from degrees to other types of units, IIRC.

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