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Bradford Area Geocaching Walk For Beginners


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On Sunday October 30th, Simcoe County Trails will be hosting a "Geocaching Walk" for beginners at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area near Bradford Ontario on Sunday October 30th between 10AM and 1PM. This event will not be an actual sanctioned Geocaching event, however, it will be a good opportunity for those who want to find out a bit more about Geocaching to come and have a go at it!


If you, or someone you know wants to learn more about Geocaching and what its all about or even if you simply want to come and enjoy a walk around Scanlon Creek conservation area in Bradford, please feel free to join us!


You can find out more about the walk on the Simcoe County Trails website at the following link:




Feel free to email me for further details at dan@centralontariocachers.com

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Just a reminder to anyone in the Southern Ontario area that several new cachers will be meeting at Scanlon Creek for a fun morning of learning how to cache and getting an injection of the rules and regs, and of the finer points of nature preservation from yours truly.


Again, if you know of any new cachers in the area that would like to learn more about the sport, or if you are interested in a good outdoors healthy walk, feel free to come along!


Email me for further details: dan@centralontariocachers.com

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