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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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:( Another great day today


1 Allen Lacy wooden nickel

1 Robert Lacy wooden nickel

1 grnXnjam wooden nickel

1 Acadia National Park

1 Old Geezer Silver


What a great day with great friends, great food, & great views of beautiful places.



Heh, I didn't even count those coins!


CoinFusion Gold

Allen Lacy 2005 Nickel

Robert Lacey 2005 Nickel

Original American Search Engine

Cache Run with "AG" in the tracking # :ph34r:

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I think geocoins going to PA are automatically put on the mule train. It often takes up to three weeks from the postmark date for them to arrive. Still waiting for my spinners and Prague coins.


I'm in PA and got my spinner two days ago.




Of course you got yours. "A" comes before "S" in the alphabet. You bring up the front of the mule train, I bring up the ascend. Actually, my last name begins with "Y", that's even worse.

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1 Alaska Cach-n-dash

1 Team lighteningbugs

1 absolute

1 Team OLEOMI/allinfun

Lighthouse #2 gold and bronze

1 Acadia NP

1 bigfoot (we will be releasing this one to roam in the wild, so WATCH OUT!!)

1 teamOLEOMI wooden nickel




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Robert, you got my coins.


All I got was a Calgary token. Huge token.


OK I'll send 'em to you. :D


They actually came yesterday but I had to go back and sign for 'em today when the P.O. re-opened. I was lucky to be able to figure out how to get the activation codes... I don't read Czechlish! :D



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