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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Nothing here today. :) Postman must have had a hernia after all the coins he brought to my door lately.... :D:D:grin:


You should put some scales at your mailbox and weigh him before and after the delivery! :D


There's a guy one week and a girl the next week. They have both seen my coin collection, so now they actually ring the doorbell instead of leaving the coins in the mailbox, just to see which ones I get. :D:)

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Great day for me.


2 x Mueller Memorial Geocoin

2 x Louisiana Geocoin

Bailey's Gold Nippon 2006 Geocoin

3 x DuncanClan Geocoin

Wyoming Geocoin


Funny thing is I forgot I had ordered the Wyoming Geocoin. That was nearly 120 different geocoins in the past. I keep better records now on which coins I have paid for :grin: Definitely a pleasant surprise.

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Belated report:


CITO Coins (x3) on Monday (Very nice, love the background behind signal)


Sliver & Lucy tokens on Wednesday (Very cool mini thrown in :lol: Cool!)

Bomber John token on Wednesday (Very nice on both sides, Thanks!)


S.A.M. Memorial Coin (x2) (Beautiful)(Let me say that again, Beautiful! What a great effort and response all around) on Thursday


What a great week we're having here B)B)

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B)B) Spinners

:lol::lol: OK Route 66

:( SoMDCacherz


Thanks to all for some outstanding coins!


And one package returned for an incorrect zip code - originally sent to GA on 3/13, returned to me on 3/31. 18 days to turn that around?!? I've received packages from all over the coutry in that amount of time ... geeez.


<edit for a late delivery - (play late breaking news theme here) Two Wyoming coins have arrived in WV>

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Everything's Better With Blue Bonnet On It!




Red Wacker and Nut Nibbler :laughing:

Prague Orloj


Time Tracker



Buffalo Wings




Triple Wisdom




Skully & Mulder


Virtual Ghost

Fox & Hound (defective)

Duncan Clan

Native American

Route 66 - Oklahoma


And oh, btw, no Wyoming.



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