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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Really Good day today:

4 Tracking time coins. (One of the nicest coins in my collection)

1 Absolute Caching coin

1 2006 Compass Rose (it sparkles! Really pretty coin)

and.. I was humbled to receive a Groundspeak Volunteer coin today from our local cache Approver. An amazingly kind gesture. :huh: Thanks.

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Ok so i hadn't recieved any coins in a while and still have 12 on my dresser I haven't activated. (Did get a JungleGarmin thanks Sandra!), so i decided to mail myself my collection... so in two days time (I hope) I will have something to post here. :huh:


:huh: Awe, I'm feeling low for you as I've been there. I'd be glad to send you something (in trade of course) if only I knew what coin you needed.... :huh: PM or Email me via profile.

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2 Dutch coins! Not all that exceptional except that in this case they arrived after travelling the globe for two whole months. Two months from The Netherlands to Texas! :huh: At least they got here ok.

Thanks for the trade, Arthur! :huh:


And.... a handmade, personalized Goldsnoop coin. Extremely cool! :huh:

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Arkansas (Boy, that sucker was packed not to get lost!)



The wife has started the interagation.


How much do these cost? mm-mmm


And how many do you have?

Uh oh :) Are you going to get it! :laughing:


I know! So far I've been able to downplay the whole thing, but the suspicion meter is spiking.


I showed her the Arkansas and Illinios coin and she mentioned how well they manage to get good color. That's a good sign. I just have to keep it quiet for now. :unsure:

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