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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Through trades today at a local event:


Caught Red Handed with the Sherrif's card

2005 Ohio

January Signal

CacheHunters42 (golly - this really should be the limit on how big a coin should be!)


and several very cool sig items in exchange for my poker chips.



That was a great event for coin trading and I enjoyed meeting you and trading with you!


My haul for the day:


Texas Bluebonnet 2006

Screw Geocoins!

"DNF" 2006

Arizona Geocacher 2006

Illinois 2006

Iowa 2005

Kansas 2006


One goal I have is to collect the state geocoins for all states where I've found a geocache, so it was great to knock four off the list yesterday. 8 down, 15 to go (assuming I don't add more states to my cache finds map)!


Another goal is to obtain all my coins the old-fashioned way, through trading and other interactions with geocachers. My collection grows slowly as a result, so once again yesterday was a red-letter day. The old fashioned way makes it more meaningful for me.


I was also able to spread some joy through allowing several new and old friends to log my Moun10Bike v1 coin, my Groundspeak Lackeys coin and my Groundspeak Volunteers coin.

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4 Michigan 2006

2 Buffalo Wings 2006 Gold

Buffalo Wings 2006 Brass

Cache the Fever LE

Colorado 2005

Columbia Gold

Tennessee Pewter

Idaho 2006

Alaska Brass 2005

Cape Henry Lighthouse Brass

Fundamental & Venlis LE Brass

USA 2006 Ver 1

Irish Hunter Brass & Gold


Green Achers Benchmark

Mueller Fund Thank You coin

and an unnamed surprise coin :D

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Ok I havent posted in quite some time...during this time I have recieved:


2 Feb Geocoin Club coin...very colorful

Definitive Series..Wow nice and large yup!

TFTC Coin..my first one with a GPS on it..I love it!

January Signal..so pretty!

DNF..ohh the colors :rolleyes:

Illinois Lincoln..pretty as a penny!

2 Tennesee Micros


Still waiting on the Brawney Bear coin..did anyone get that yet? I have been out of the loop for so long not sure If they were sent out yet.

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