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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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1x chrisgun LE

1x Definitive - Geocache

1x Definitive - Geocacher

1x Definitive - Geocaching

1x FGA

1x Tombstone Justice

1x Wildlife Muggles - Red Wacker

1x Wildlife Muggles - Nibbler Nutnabber

1x wykenwizard



1x Unknown ?!?


Puzzling, but very cool though!


edited to add unknown coin

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This had to be my biggest haul at the mailbox:


3 Bikedog Memorial coins (fast turn around - he died two months ago so the coin was in my hands less than two months after the IDEA, let alone paid for)

2 Geocoin Town

1 Prime Meridian (whoops, I ordered these 2x)

2 Skirtlifters

2 Lampposts

3 Cache the Fevers

1 Definitive Geocoin Geocache

1 Definitive Geocoin Geocacher

1 Definitive Geocoin Geocaching

1 Anthus Firefighter

1 Clatmandu (very nice coin)


I guess my CacheHunters42 and Logbooks should be here soon.

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I am going to step on my soapbox for a second.


There are a lot of times that we post the negative or start a thread when something goes wrong. But I have to say that this post is full of positives. Today I received two very special coins in the mail. Both coins I never asked for or expected to receive when I traded or gave away other coins as they were not part of the trade. The two coins were from separate individuals on different sides of the U.S. and they came as a wonderful surprise.


I think that by nature 99.9% of geocoin collectors are honest and truly great people by nature and I am truly honored to be associated with such great people. The two individuals I am sure know who they are and I send a special thank you to both.


SC coin

Special coin I

Special coin II

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