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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Been reading the mail for the past few days and noticed quite a few seem to have lost or nearly lost some coins because they were sent in a regular envelopes.


For all new people shipping out coins in the mail, this shows why it is a "NO-NO". Regular envelopes are too thin and are not made for this kind of use. The only way to go is to use bubble-pack padded mailers of good quality.


And as an added protection, I even sandwiche the coins between two thin pieces of cardboard taped together so the coins don't slide around and slit the edges on the mailer. Edges are also taped so nothing can slide out.


So far, I have never had a coin that was lost during shipping. ;)

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3 4BOWS (one is #7 :unsure: )

Outdoor Family Brass #7 :unsure:

2 English Geocachers

Dreamin Eagle Antique Silver #7 :)

Rock&Crystal Copper

Rock&Cyrstal Camo Heart

3 Hurricane Katrina Dedication (BPD coin)

NWPA Geocachers


And a registered mail package that I'll go pick up in an hour.

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Just got the mail. :D Received some coins.


5 Yosemite bronze and 1 Yosemite LE :D


3 res2100 Ontario Canada Gold Plated


2 res2100 Ontario Canada Antique Silver


1 res2100 Ontario Canada Antique Bronze


1 Dutch coin


1 Alabama 2005


Lost an Alabama 2004 from a damaged mailer :) Coins sliding around inside sliced the crease on the flap. These flaps should be taped with 2 inch wide scotchtape to prevent something like this from happening.

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