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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Something amazing was waiting for me when I got home a couple of nights ago...




I already had the yellow one, and two more arrived this week! Very proud to have these in my collection.


I still want to own more of these SSoCA coins though. "Addicted" is right.


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OOH you are so lucky Pan, I hope to be able to add to the one that I have and that is the red Friendship one. Feeling warm and Blessed for you my friend! ~Keep On Caching~Valarie of sweetlife


Thanks Valarie. I hope to add to mine too. Lets see how this year progresses.



Couple of weeks coins! :)




Awesome coins Sparkle! The chipmunks are especially cute.


Also, congrats on getting to 50 cache hides!

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:D A few deliveries this week... :)


Firstly, coins I got for myself... The "VolksTurtle" edition Geocurtle, and a "No L" Mystery Coin.




Then, something super-special to me...

I am very proud that the organisers of the SidTracked Series have awarded me one of the very limited, not for sale, gold "Champion" edition of the SideTracked Geocoin!






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