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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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a couple of "new" older coins in my mailbox today. the detail on some of these older coins is truly impressive !









these are all from today?! goodness....you mailman's poor back. i have to agree with you about the detail in some of those coins. the big bear one and the jeep one are especially nice.

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As some have noticed, the coins are in and all orders have been filled and shipped.


Thanks to Dofferson for this great group shot!




The remaining coins are now in the web store:




This was posted in the "NEW COIN: Cache Maintenance" thread.


I received my black nickel versions and they are VERY nice!! Anyone thinking about getting them should!

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i have never had a day at the mail box like this one! several unexpected coins included in a trade - oldies but goodies, my fave kind:




AND from an unknown sender the gorgeous koi wishing mystery coin. i think this is prettier than a tranquility.






who would have thought it - long at the top of my most wanted list - the elusive JOHNNIE LACY!




it's been an exciting day! thank you for your generosity steve s. and the loving unknown sender of the koi.

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OOO!!! Doc---what's the new Wolf one? Is it available in the shops?


it's a personal goecoin called stepping stones....the owner will be selling and trading at ASP and MWGB






Can someone, who is going to one of these events, get me one please :rolleyes: ?

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