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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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Nice additions, indeed. What is the top right coin, please?


That's a "Jumping Jack Cache" geocoin




Thanks, two more questions, though. Is it trackable, does it have a two-inch diameter?


It is listed in the Untrackable Geocoins Wiki, so the answer to the first question is 'no'. The description does say that it is 2" diameter though.

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oh, and happy hallo"weenie" from heineken and maxxx!






That is just SO wrong!! I'm sure that my two buddies were embarrassed. I hope that Mom doesn't see that picture and get any ideas! :blink:


but I am at least half weiner dog!


Well if you approve then!! But tell your dad he forgot the ketchup and relish. My hubro has a dog that mom calls Chilidawg so you could also have put chili on your costume. Hmm I'm getting hungry I think I will go see if Mom forgot to put something away......

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Thanks, I asked one, but no way to pay with paypal, there is a bank account.


They do have paypal, I mailed them about that. When you place an order, you can tell them in the comment that you want to pay with paypall. Than they will use paypall.


Thanks, now I just left a comment asking for the paypal invoice.

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