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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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I got a package today, but I am not opening anything that comes in the mail until Christmas! Let the torture begin! Can't wait for my nerds!!

Nothing???? :laughing: Wow... I couldn't do that... I don't know if I can do it with my secret santa package that I will get... I am a very impatient person ;)

I am going to try! I a opning my nerds though :D Can't hold back with those!

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WoW... I made a good purchase. I bought the Geoswag x-mas stocking grab bag. 10 coins for about 50 dollars.


Here is what I got.

Geoswag Coin Club May 2007 (The mom coin and Pin)

Geoswag Coin Club July 2007 ( Celebrate Summer coin and Pin)

Stop Geocoin thief

Santa's little helper holiday Gnome - The new glitter one

Generic geocoin

Cache mover

7th anniversary celebration coin

Benchmark coin (four corners)


Golden Crappy Cache Award (non-trackable)

2007 GeoRendevous Food Coin - Fort Buena Venture (non-trackable)


Also got

When Pigs fly coin

March of the Penguins


I like coin mail!!!!!

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I got a package today, but I am not opening anything that comes in the mail until Christmas! Let the torture begin! Can't wait for my nerds!!

I need a nerd....just one...or maybe two or three..... :(


My first Secret Santa Mission arrived, and I opened it immediately. I didn't even think about waiting for Christmas! Maybe I will for my second package :anibad:


But today I received:


* Copper jAY miLLS Lion - nice work Jim and Jackie!

* 2 tone DNF Troll - its purty :)




So that takes me to 35 coins for the week, and I still have one postal day to go! This really has been the best coin week ever.

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Not only am I am a coinaholic, I am a rockaholic -- horrible to admit two addictions in one post, but it explains but why am totally in awe of the cool petrified rock geocoin that I received from GO JayBee in today's mail.


Golly this is one very cool coin. And it had a Black Pepper companion which was very unexpected. Well actually they were both unexpected.


Thanks JayBee !!

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I just got my GeoJellies today! All of them look really cool. Unfortunately, one of mine doesn't work! My Scary BOO Berry coin, which is an orange glitter with Glow #7 accent, doesn't glow in the dark! I tried everything, but nothing makes it glow. I wonder if they used the wrong color! Has anyone used Glow #7 before? If so, did it glow?

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Got a bunch of IDAHO SPUD coins!! (Geo Jellies 3) :huh:


Lots of Nerdz in 3 colors (one for me and one for each of my sons who both got a glow color) Hardest part will be keeping my sons coins a secret!! :huh:


Mousekakat sig item & Card (I'm still recovering from the huge package of stuff she sent me about a month ago!!! ;)




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I went to my mailbox and noticed it was frosted over. BRRRR!!! I reach inside and one envelope was ice cold. I get inside and open it and inside was a Frozen Buns frosty silver geocoin! :D No wonder my mailbox was frozen! Ok..the weather might have plaid a part in that since it is only 26 degrees out right now. :D Thank you FB! :):D


And oddly enough in another package I received today I got the Queen of Caching geocoin! Two great coins in one day and both designed by Chris Mackey :)


Now I think I just have to wait on my RFJ v1 coin and my Christmas Stocking full of goodies :D

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a Do Unto Others geocoin. :D:D I love that coin and the sentiment on it. It's just adorable!!



I recently saw a photo of this coin, and it is too cute!!


I didn't get one of those today, but I did get...


A Shiny GOLD LE jAY miLLS---Thanks jAY!! :D


and a Moose on the Loose coin from BlueMotmot's forums cointest--I love it!! Thank you so much. Now I can cross this one off my seeking list!!


And of course I am still enjoying the box of nerds that I got yesterday!


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