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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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In the last two days I have received


Parrolet LE


Geocaching Gone to the Dogs--copper

Raiders of the Lost Cache

Hawaii Micro

MWGB duck Go Girl

MWGB duck Gpx Nav

Kingfinder Frog/prince

Avorair Frog/prince

Blue Evil Mastermind--gold

Yellow Evil Mastermind--silver


Pretty good haul there!!

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A MWGB green glitter duck from Mich :D Thank you! Did I win that in a contest? lol


and a package from pabloturtle (thank you very much)




Ya did but you were getting one no matter what. :o More goodies may be flying to you soon. :)


OK in the spirit of the topic -


Pirates of the Chesapeake - AC - nice!!!

Maze Coins

AllwaysLooking Ducks - 3 - one for each of us

YetiBratle - been looking at this one a long time and finally gave in. Nice event coin!

NielsenC Christmas 2005 - Yes! - Thanks Osh!

TSD Frogs - 3 - one for each of us


It's been geocoinfest here all week. I gotta stop!

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Well I have to say my mailbox was generous to me today.


Aside from junk mail I got:


(1) Bronze Earthcache Master Pin

(1) Bronze Earthcache Master Sticker




(2) tadpole379 clay tokens

(1) tadpole379 (hard enamel)

(1) tadpole379 (translucent enamel)


(I'm feeling a big froggy today! :) )

Wow Jackie! They turned out nice! Thank you soooooo much!

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A special package of sig items from 57 chevy (very nice!) NERD :)


and an unexpected package w/ a Mouth of the South coin? Hmmmm, lmao. I've seen the picture of the coin but have no idea about the coin, looks like I'll have to do some research on this one. (yes, I know who sent it to me but I'm not telling :) )

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Havent posted in a while, I think this is what I have hauled in lately:


If I Made This Coin...

Snobird & Mountain Goat

Fire Elemental

Cache or Charge (AG)

Cache or Charge (S)

Twin Peaks (G)

SWAGS Christmas 2005 :)


Green Jeep Racer

Knight in Shining Armour

Seven Deadly Sins - Greed (Ch)

GeoRendevous Attendee

GeoRendevous Food Coin

Landsharkz Green

Landsharkz Copper

ROT-13 Dragon Spinner (AS)

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3 Dragon Spinner Antique Copper

2 Dragon Spinner Antique Gold

2 Dragon Spinner Antique Silver

1 Nano Cache Rust

3 Acrylic Coin Box

2 Nurses Have Heart 2 Tone

1 Masonic Antique Copper

1 Masonic Antique Bronze :D


No computer box :D Only ordered it just prior to Easter :) But thats another story :)

Has been dispatched :)


PS First four letters of our user name has a birthday tomorrow - wonder what will be in our box tomorrow? :D

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