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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Geowoodstock5 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


They finally made it! :laughing: :laughing: :anicute:


I got the MWGB ducks...have you yet, Sam?


Have not gotten mine yet but I do know they are on the way! :laughing:


I can't wait to get them!


That's good to know. We hadn't heard anything since the last email asking whether or not we still wanted them.


I hope they get here today!

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Lots of packages in the mail today! <_<


New coins:

Big Bear Cache Bash California 2007

Belize Toucan :blink:

Partners in Caching


Trade coins:

Arthur & Trillian (AC) :huh:

SC 2007

AL 2006


GCC 2006-04

GCC 2006-05


Rome 2006

SeabeckTribe 2007

WA Counties #1 - Kitsap 2005 :P

Yosemite National Park

Acadia National Park

Yellowstone National Park

California 2004 Eureka

Maine 2005

Iowa 2005

New Jersey 2005

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A Great day today:


A school of Piranha's

2 Northern Whales

2 Belize Tucan's

Samples of my personal coin "Braving the Briars" (pictures to come once I decide on the metals)


Sent out packages of the "Cace Lei" Geocoins....


All and all -- A great Day!!! <_<

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I just sent out a handful of my coins and looking at my post office receipt I thought it was pretty neat to also see what goes out of a mailbox.


Sent to:





Czech Rep.


Great Britain



Fun stuff

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Woot!!! I was away and when I got home waiting for me......


I got a MYSTERY COIN!!!! Yes folks a MYSTERY COIN!!!! is all mine! ROTFLMAO A MYSTERY COIN!!!! in chrome to call my own!!!


Also in the mailbox were

Belize toucans--LE and regular

FSM both finishes

Geocache America Ant gold

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