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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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A bad day for non-geocoin things for me...but plenty of shiny coins to make me smile!


Raspberry Geojelly

Toxic Waste Geojelly

Caching in the Holdays

Mtn Man Brick

Dathi's Dark Coin

LE Spring Fling

Damenace Trolley Tag



Green THX4TC

Blue Dragonfly

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Tasmania Troubles Gold & Nickel Sets

Mavrick_65G Missiles Ant. Silver & Nickel

Donuts & Coffee Geocaching Event

Sniper Chicken Satin Gold & Satin Silver

Airborne Event Gold & Nickel

Adrenaline Bronze & Nickel

Cheeseheads Bronze

Mudnuri BN w/Nickel & Gold

Geocache America 2007 Nickel & Gold

Fluttershy Silver Kiss Set #7 :unsure:

1 Pathtag

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1 - LindsyChris Chick

1 - Moustik Butterfly

1 - GC & PC 2007 Mothers Day coin

1 - Anthus Laptop LE Red

1 - Liar Liar Pants on Fire Gold

1 - Fluttershy Geotag

1 - Fluttershy Smilie Sun

1 - Fluttershy Hugs Chick

1 - Fluttershy Kisses Chick

1 - Complete set of these:




Thank you





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Oooyah! Cacher Needs Maintenance - gold coin - and 5 pins. Hubby's already tried to steal the coin - TWICE! I gave him one of the pins and I'm going to give one to my former caching partner cause of one of the caches he went after for me. :laughing: The remaining two are going to the local "ambasador" for the local provincial group. One for her and one for her to give out to the best "I ended up in the hospital for this cache" story.

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I just got a suprise package in the mail!!! :)


Chick # 2 :) sent me a:


Naked Chick


This means I now have a complete set of the GW5 Chick coins! Wow!!! I truly didn't think I would be able to accomplish that!


Thank you soooooooo much, Chick # 2 :D:unsure::) You have really made my day!!! :D:D:D



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In the mail and at an event...


Hitchhikers Guide Round and "42"

MN Ladyslipper Two-Tone

VIGPS Mtn Man Visits

Lucky 7s Event

2 Pathtags

Dragonfly Dreams 2007

Skull Duggery AS

Tiki Mojo's Hoard

Project APE Silver


Undercover Cacher Two Tone BN/N

Highly Addictive Gold


Quebec Nickel

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Pretty good day for me too :D :


Dark_Onyx GeoTag x2

The Cacher BN

The Cacher Silver

Castleman's Personal Ant. Bronze

Castleman's Personal Ant. Silver






a second GW5 Naked Chick!!! Whooooo Hoooooo!!! :D


Sooooooooooo if anyone is still looking for one of these ............ :D



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Over the weekend:


Go JayBee GeoTag

NCGO 2007 (S) - won at an event


Today: :D


April Fool's Day Jester Hat

Spirit of Caching (BN)

Castleman 2007 (AB)

USA/Canada Celebration (G)

The Cacher set (N & BN)

The Cacher LE (G)

Evil Mastermind Set (Green)

Fluttershy GeoTag

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After all that fruitless waiting, today I got 5 packages (personal best) in the mail!:


* Wildlife Muggles Tasmanian Troubles Gold and Nickel Sets

* Letterboxing 1 x chrome 1 x antique bronze (my new favourite coin! :laughing:)

* A couple of Cystic Fibrosis pins

* My GeoBirthday Secret Mission Package!

* Parrolet Parrot XLE (another GORGEOUS coin)

* Ellandel's Spain - LE gun (had to get another as I gave my first one away, and couldn't be without one!)

* Ellandel's China LE gold


Thanks for the trade Captain Zulu! :laughing:

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