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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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It's been awhile since I posted, so let's see if I can remember our recent mail...most of these are Brenda's, but she said that she'd let me look at them :D

2 GlennK721 geotags (gold and silver)

Go and Get Em 9

Geotoids Raspberry

OshnDoc (BN/silver)

GBOTs Koh Koh

2007 Australia

LC peep

TnT peep


Arrow One


Raiders of the Lost Cache (blue stone)

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In trade from Bunya:

2007 Australia BN

PocketPups Dazzel Copper

Geocaching Skills Gold Master coin


Alian BN

Quest for the Grail Blue Ring

TFtTs, Bunya!! :anicute:


2x GW5 Chicks - T'n'T

And one of the very elusive GW5 Chick - -Elanore- !!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


From my darling sweetheart - Strider :

2000 Finds GeoAchievement Geocoin!!! :antenna::antenna::antenna:

Thank you, honey!! :antenna:


And, last but by no means least, my Summer Solstice Secret Mission package came today. I got:

a bunch of styrofoam packing peanuts




some Deep Woods Off anti bug wipes

Banana Boat sunscreen

Lipton Iced Tea To Go packets

a little fingertip flashlight

very usefull for summer caching


and an Altoids tin....





Oh, and inside the Altoids tin was:

a FTF Dance - Winter Style Pin

a Cache Hiker BN

a Bad Mojo V1

and an Eagles61 Antique silver


Thank you Summer Solstice Secret Mission Agent!!!



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Well I have been busy with caching and opening packags in the last few days:

Here is a list (Hopefully I remember all of it)


Staff of Ra/Raiders of the Lost Cache

TsunriseBey Geotag


four Diesel Gascan varieties plus a Gascans GeoTag.


London Phone Booth Copper


PaNoWe Gold

Grand Canyon Copper

GeoCat Gold LE

Nielsenc World Caching Silver

ScoutingWV personal

Washington Monument BenchMark

Dorkfish Black Nickel LE

Dorkfish Antique Silver LE

Dorkfish Porcupine Fish

Garmin Grand Opening

GW5 Sunburst BN

GW5 Sunburst AG

GW5 Sunburst AS

Amagrud Gold

GW3 Silver

Turtletoes Gold


I think that concludes my last weeks treasures.


Thanks to everyone for these great trades :rolleyes:

More to come hopfully this week.



I forgot:

Dressel Dragon Gold

DresselDragon Chick and Signature Item :rolleyes:

PengoFamily XLE Foggy Silver w/Glitter

PengoFamily Rustic Sunset Edition

Coinfusion BN

Silver South Eastern New Brunswick SE

Crake Symbology Gold,


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Been awhile since I've remembered to post, but in the last few days...


RiverCity/Team Moagy personal coins, pins, GeoJellies and more!!! :)

Nevada 2007 Antique Silver

Midwest Geobash "Bridge" coins in Polished Nickel

Geowoodstock Poker Tournament 2007 Marker Coins (Antique Gold and Antique Silver)

Geowoodstock Poker Tournament 2007 Game Chips

New Fox & the Hound custom whistles


I know I'm missing a few, but I'll take a look and try to update the post. :)

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Been awhile since I posted this thread, Thanks to all for the great coins and trades !


da Vinci set

Micro Sea Shell LE (copper)

Micro Sea Shell (S)

Micro Sea Shell (BN)

Team Chelmo Chrome

Team Chelmo XLE Copper NZ Version

Elemental Jay AS, AC

Schuylkill County Geocachers 2007

Lazy Hayze Days BN

OshnDoc two-tone BN/nickel #34 & 43

Ireland 2007 #34 and #43

Chief20R2 LE & Glitter

Allengany Geobash Standard and LE

Wsgaskin BN and AS

Clay4 eyeballs in gold & silver

Team Sand Dollar Arrowhead 4 finishes

Labyrinth 4 finishes


TnT Geotag

Jay Mills Geotag

Take a Kid Geocaching GeoTag

Team Sand Dollar, Buffalo Wings, Edugator Geotags

GW5 DresselDragon chicks


A couple of boxs of my GeoTags


UOTrackers Pay It Foward Coin ! Soon to be on the move :)


Sorry if I missed any been awhile Glenn

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Aiden's Cachers GeoTag


Tomorrow I will be going to the PO with round two of trades (everything since last saturday)


edit - just finished packaging 9 mailers, and I ran out! i may have to recycle some that i've gotten in the past, until i can go to the store and get some more!

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Recent Deliveries include:


Aiden's Cachers Gold & Nickel GeoTags

Pengo Family Beki Pink Signature coin

Wahine I spy x2

LindyChris GeoSmirk

Team Chelmo Chrome x2

Team Chelmo Gold x3

Caching Coins double Nickell

Caching Coins 3 cute Peeps

Caching Coins Strawberry Shortcake GeoJelly

TX Diva Peep x2

Set of 3 DaVinci Coins

Take a Kid Caching GeoTag

Sandtracker GeoTag 1 of each edition

Lizard Toadz Lizard Decipher coin & pin

Undercover cachers GeoAgent

Sandtrackers Top Banana GeoJelly


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Received trades from:








(Thanks for all the great coins! Jumps up and down and sings; "I got a Brawny Bear coin, I got a Brawny Bear coin.")


Got my laptops today also, holy cow, I hadn't realized I really ordered that many (8)? No wonder I'm broke! Very cool indeed.


tsun B)

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Pretty amazing day for incoming coins...


Turtletoes BN so very very cute B)

Anthus Laptop BN, N and LE Blue ZOUNDS !! tiger.gif

Australia gold

Australia 2-tone


New Hampshire


Signal May 2007

Pendleton Roundup WN

LoriDarlin WN

LoriDarlin Poker Chip

Starfish glow

Whale Trail heart.gif

lindsychris BN

Puyallup Potlatch Potluck

Karma with glitter (I don't usually like glitter, but this is excellent!) notworthy.gif

Karma LE Glow (can't wait until it gets dark!!) :lol:

LoriDarlin's brand new personal with a purple hat!! pac.gifpac.gif


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TO be back on topic:


Great day:


Rivercity and Moagy AC and AG

Rivercity Chick (very very cute, thanks for the surprise)


Crickey Black Nickel

Arctic Nomad

Glennk721 Geotags gold and silver


Zodiac Gemini Male and female


Texas Counties Gold

The Bug Crew

57 Chevy Antique Copper


A schoolf Piranhas


Thank you everyone for these great trades, and little surprises.

I do appreciate them very much.

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Yesterday (did not get to post) :mad:



Raiders Of the lost cache Stalf Of RA tsunrisebey (blue) stone Beautiful coin !


UMMM ERRR Artist Edition of the Whale Trail (gold) :D Thanks Tusn :mad:


A Belize handmade ring, (cool)


Caching Between The Poles North & South (Long time been seeking)


Legend Of Bigfoot


Tracking Time


tsunrisebey GeoTag


Aiden's Cachers GeoTag


Tank Hounds GeoTag


Thanks for all the trades, gifts and special extras, :D

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i have not got any geocaching mail yet and never had ....


Not to take this off topic but this is not true. We sent you a 'free' coin, and a pretty rare one at that, about 2 months ago and not only did we not get a 'thank you' you emailed us and told us that you were going to trade the coin that we sent you. So please do not lie about never receiving anything in the mail.


Back to your regularly scheduled thread.

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Decided to just post weekly as I seem to receive them weakly. So this week, so far:


Tsunrisebey personal geocoin Staff of Ra/Raiders of the Lost Cache

Gas can LE

Thuringia Copper

WA Quarter

Original stash

2x Noahs Ark

Fluttershy Teal


Still waiting for those Laptops! They were mailed on the 7th too! :)

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The last few days have been good to us :)




Aussie '06 & Belken personal (traded with Belken, thanks guys :) )


A swag of coins to release from Caching Coins

+ Gift coins (Cachingcoins personal (love this one :) ), Strawberry cheesecake Geo Jelly (our first geo jelly, and a sweet one at that :)) and our first geocoin chick :) . Thanks so much Sandy


Our Summer Solstice Mission

Crowesfeat30 Personal (copper) ;)

Luminous Energy(copper) (hmmm...someone knows I have a thing for copper :) )

Crowesfeat ;) & Strider Geotags

And two very cute geocoin chicks :):wub:


Our 4th July Mission

Geocaching Skills, protection coin :) (I bought the original set with the intention to release them but just couldn't part with them, so this coin will travel, Thanks)

Night Cachers geocoin (Does it glow :) I think so! Not that I've tried it :):) , oh ok just a little :) )

Texas Mini Micro (This teeny tiny coil is just too cool :) )

and "The Alamo" path tag

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