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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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3Doxies silver

3Doxies GW5 Chick

Starfish Gold

Starfish Bronze

BN and Copper 2 piece coins that keeps track of your cache count (can't remember it's name but I love 'em...)




A set of KacheKat&Kickin' Coins

lindsychris's Smirk BN

Lindsychris's GW5 Chick

Allegany SP Geobash Event coin



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Not in my mailbox but the neighbors were kind enough to sign for my FedEx from the mint yesterday -- thankfuly we have a very nice FedEx guy who knows that when we are not home to have the neighbors sign for our packages (BTW the neighbors are my in-laws ;) ). I now have the LE and XLE Laptops and they all look fantastic :anibad:;)


I am shipping orders through Paypal. So those that ordered should be on the lookout for a Paypal notice when theirs ships.



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Yesterday was a Red-Letter Day, as far as geocoins are concerned! Got three mailers ;)


Five-pack of Canadian hockey pucks, plus a special one from Helen and Chris that wants to visit Staples Center in L.A. and The Pond (Honda Center) in Anaheim. Nice that it came on the day when the Ducks won the Stanley Cup :P

2 Creacher Cachesaurus

2 red and 1 orange starfish

2 bronze and 1 copper Letterboxing (absolutely stunningly-detailed! Outstanding work)

2 GeoCoinFest Coin Addicts

1 copper and 1 silver Fox and Geese

a couple of the EuroCache coins, which are also exquisitely detailed


One of the best one-day hauls in quite a while ;)


Oh, yeah! I also found an Elchrich Elch coin in a geocache; been hoping one of these would make it out here :anibad: What a concept, a geocoin in a cache :P What is the world coming to? :P

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I'm a bit behind here. Over the past couple of days ... and weeks ...


Keeper of the cache

Delorme challenge

Zion National Park


Zion Stamp

Yosemite Stamp

Acadia (Yay! Going there next month)


Chattahochee Valley

Buttermilk Benchmark (the civil engineer in me is now happy!)

GW5 black :)

Moun10Bike :)

GW5 Silver :angry:

Raiders of the Lost Cache :angry:

OshnDoc two-tone nickel :blink:

Indy Diver :blink:

CruiserDude :)

Prntr1 :P

CinemaBoxers :)

MizDeeds Pathtag :)


Very special thanks for the awesome personal coins!

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1 x Dragonfly Set (set of 5)

2 x Perfect Weather Caching (Black Nickel and Chrome)

1 x USA/CANADA Celebration (Gold)

1 x Royal Flush Ace (trade) - Thanks Sandy! (CachingCoins) :blink:

Plus a few Extra Surprises!
Thanks again Sandy!

- 1 x CachingCoins GeoJellies Strawberry Cheesecake

- 1 x GW5 Geocoin Chicks - Where my Peeps at?

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Turtletoes Gold & Silver

Anthus Laptop Black Nickel and Nickel

Geocaching Through the Ages - Egypt LE AC & BN

Montreal 2007 AS & AB

Team De Zaanhoeve AB


May Signal

Nevada 2007

San Diego Cachers 2007

KacheKat & Kickin' Silver #7 :ph34r:

Bad Mojo Nickel

Georgia 2006

Geocache America

EU 2005

New Mexico 2005

Canada Capitol Cachers Copper

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What a great day for coins, I received a very special package from a very special friend that contained:

  1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  2. 2007 Australia
  3. FisnJack Gold

Huge thank you for these three coins :D .


In addition I received:

2Doxies Chick :D Thank you

TurtleToes Nickel :D Thank you

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