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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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Don't know if it's been posted or not, but for those canadian collectors.... After having sent ALOT of coins lately (canine 1st ed.) to Canada I can tell you that the postmaster came out and spoke to me and said that the customs in Canada is terrible to deal with now. They (U.S. post offices) are getting packages sent back constantly and they don't even know why, they clear our customs, the paperwork is filled out, etc... He said that if you're lucky enough for it to get through they will pass through all kinds of hands (meaning all kinds of time) before you ever see it. I know it must be frustrating on your side, but know that we're trying to get them there and eventually they will find their way to you!

Your right. Our system is a pain to deal with. Not to mention more expensive. I haven't had any packages opened by customs yet though. So I guess that's a plus. But it is good in that it spreads the packages out so there's always something in the mailbox.. :cool:

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It was a bonanza day for me:


1 - 2005 Big Bear California

1 - 2005 CCGC CITO

1 - 2005 DancesWithMoose

1 - 2005 Georgia On My Mind

3 - 2005 KTAG

1 - 2005 NEFGA

1 - 2005 NEFGA Jeep Club

1 - 2005 nielsenc - Caching Around The World Silver

1 - 2005 nielsenc - Christmas Bronze

1 - 2005 nielsenc - Christmas Silver

1 - 2005 nielsenc - Thanksgiving Bronze

1 - 2005 nielsenc - Thanksgiving Silver

1 - 2005 Seven Summits - Mt. Everest Bronze

1 - 2005 Seven Summits - Mt. Everest Silver

3 - 2005 Seven Summits - Mt. McKinley Bronze

9 - 2005 Seven Summits - Mt. McKinley Silver

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