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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Oh what a TEASE :( the window wouldn't open ;)


fairyhoney... if it's ok with QJ, we can bring them to show you this weekend! ;)

Oh my it is this weekend isnt it. Boy, time sure flys. As I plan on bringing them to the event its only fair that you can too. :shocked:

Since I know where you'll be this weekend, I'm planning on getting a look-see. :o

I can see it now "but we only had 60 people registered. How did we get 200!?" :(;)

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Have reported in a while, sorry.


Early this week had a swag of "Chelmo’s NZ Silver Fern" Geocoins handed to me by Team Chelmo. Thanks bro.


And today I received the April Geoswag Geocoin and Pin of the month - a beautiful coin (& pin) in the shape of a flower (front), and the back is a world map.

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I got over the last couple of days:

2 skull duggery coins (bronze and gold)

2 dorkfish aquariums

1 sir galahad

1 loridarlin

1 naturefish

1 passing wind

1 blind avacado

1 GCF attendee

1 GCF poker chip

1 GCF poker marker silver

1 GCF poker marker gold

1 minnesota loon (AG)

1 minnesota loon (AS)

1 CR black nickel

1 Obsessed Caching Group

and a partridge in a pear tree :anicute:

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MARC Event

Liar Liar Event Gold & Silver w/pins

South Africa Gold & Ant. Copper

Wyoming Ant. Copper & Bronze

2007 Canadian Beaver Micros

Hockey Puck Micros

GCC April Eat, Meet & Greet w/ matching Pathtag

Canadian Forces Geocachers (gift)

American Cacher Pin (gift)

Benchmark Hunter Ver 2 Pathtag

Geo Trailblazer Pathtag

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:P Monday I received Sample coins from the mint for our Dragonfly 2007 and our THX4TC Jeep coin. Plus the coin club eat meet and greet coin.






Watching the mail for



Zodiac Series Geocoin-Aries

Pirate Geocoin -Antique Silver


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Over the last several days I have received:

Liar Liar event coins

Avroair personal


Ferreter5 personal

Geo-Birthday Mission--Idaho micro and Temecula Hot Rod


and today the big one--MIGO 2005 Summer

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Yesterday - a set of Huntin Caches geocoins


Today... what a good day...:

2007 Tybee Island lighthouse geocoin (in Silver and Gold)

DNF Troll geocoins (in Copper, Bronze and Nickel)

Cache Bugs geocoins (in Gold and Nickel)

San Diego Breast Cancer glitter pins (in Gold and Silver)

Keeper of the Cache (in Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, and Gold)

Prague 2007 (in Antique Gold and Antique Silver)

Missouri Route 66 (in Silver)

Yosemite Stamp geocoin (Antique Silver)

Mt Rushmore benchmark geocoin

2006 San Francisco coin

Geocaching En Mexico geocoin

Saving Shiloh geocoin

Buttermilk Hill Benchmark geocoin (Satin Silver)

Hawaii Volcano National Park (Satin Gold)

And a swag of HWS pins.

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Since my last posting here, Thanks for the great trades ! :huh:


Canadian Benchmark Micro

CITO Around the World XLE Copper 30 mint

Generic Mega Antique Copper WOW big coin :(

Georgia 2007 Tybee Island Lighthouse Gold & Silver

Idaho Micro AS

Ferreter5 Personal #34 Thanks for the trade and my lucky number !

Minnesota Geocaching History Series #1 -Alvin' AC, AB, AS Set

Fallen Heroes September 11th Coin & Pin

Traveling Chief - Huntin Caches AS, BN, AG

Travel Slugs

TSKC cachers AS and Nickel 10 minted

Delorme Challange

Route 66 Copper

Team Chelmo New Zealand Satin Silver, Gold and 2 tone

Cache Bugs Glitter LE, Gold and Silver


Travel Bugs, Never bought any, always coins ! One is activated and ready for a mission :(

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Since my last post (which was some time ago) I have received SEVERAL generous donations for our event...PLUS my Hogwild bag of goodies!!


In that was a bunch of nice coins...two of interest were the SAMPLES!! I got a sample Hawaii N.P. Volcanos (antique silver) and a Prague w/Golem (antique gold)....NICE!!


edit to add: THANKS for those donations everyone...many very nice coins and swag came our way! Very much appreciated, the generosity will not be forgotten!

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Well since I am not supposed to open any packages that come in the mail (do to the fact that they might be my mother's day gifts) I had to wait until my husband got home to open a small bubble mailer that came in today. <_<


3 Bad Mojo V2 (2BN & 1G) - Completely spaced we ordered these! Very nicely done too!

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What a great coins came in today, I usually post once a week or so, But these are great additions to my ever growing collection :D


?Mystery Puzzle Coin? --- Been seeking this for a long time <_<


Drunners Come Together (Silver/Gold) Yin Yang. Cool coin set


Global Caching -crake-


Hazards of Caching #2 - GoJayBee With a signed insert card from the man himself ! Thanks Paul for the autographed copy ! <_<



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