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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Yesterday I got a pile :laughing:


4 April Fools Jester Caps

3 Mojave Desert Cactii

2 Zion NP 8c Stamps

1 Yosemite 1c Stamp


Still nothing more from oakccoins/geoswag. :laughing:


I can tell you we work very hard to send orders out within 2 Business Days.


We have noticed that the post is taking a bit longer right now, even priority packages taking more than 7 days.


Please contact support @ geoswag com.


PS, if this is going to Canada, as others have reported here, mail to Canada can take 7 days to over a month.

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1 x Cinemaboxers Personal Geocoin

3 x Bring Your Own Pencil (BYOP) Geocoins

1 x 2007 Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver Gold Set (Reg and LE)

1 x 2007 Wildlife Muggles Sneaky Antlers Nickel Set (Reg and LE)

1 x Pirate Geocoin (Silver)

2 x Pirate Geocoins (Antiqu Gold)

1 x Pirate Geocoin (Satin Gold)


12 coins in all :laughing:

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It was a happy mailbox day:


2- Undercover Cacher- two tone gold/silver and a black nickel/silver,

these are both so cool thanks Jake!

1- Geo 40 LP - UOtrackers

3-Pirate Map coins and a Magnetic Glitter

2-sets of the new Dazzle PocketPups


also a group of older coins:

Wanna Go?

Gone Caching 2005-copper

Tennessee 2005 GOWT




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Hey Tim, Bummer about the empty mailer, Only had that happen once , from the Netherlands, Seller replaced coins, bummer sorry to hear !


I have not posted here in a while been doing some local traveling. lots of great coins. Thanks all for the trades, and those who designed wonderfull coins for us to enjoy,


Micro benchmarks Set of 5


Micro Cache Cow


Evil Micro Set


Cinima Boxers personal




Alberta Wild Rose County


Mojave Desert AC Glitter and AS


BRtango Gold


Sleeping Dragon in Gold and Silver


Steel City Babes Silver and Gold


A bunch of Blazing Sun Micro's, Watch for a new thread soon !! Special thanks to Castleman for the bonus coins :smile:

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Chrisgun - thanks Chris another personal I wanted :)


4-Sleeping Dragon-gold and silver, my traders were all gone so open to new trade offers


GC&PC coins: Caching in the leaves, Merry Christmas, Master of Space


What really got me celebrating: :(


Scout Knife-black nickel XLE... 5 made-

listed at geocoincollection as...... will possibly trade for Moun10bike v1 :)

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Pirate Booty Reg & Micro

Hopper Cousin Reg & Micro


CITO Around the World

Dhenninger April Fools #7 :rolleyes:

GeoQuest2 LE & Reg



2007 Signal February

Northwest Ohio Geocachers

Ohio 2007 LE Copper

3Doxies 2007

Circle of Public Safety

Tenn Jed Pathtag

VaTechnoTeacher Pathtag

Altosaxplayer Pathtag

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