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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Yesterday I got:

2 Jangor Caching Canada Black Nickel

2 Jangor Caching Canada Polished Nickel

2 Jangor Caching Canada Polished Gold

2 Jangor Caching Canada Polished Copper

2 Spud502 Pairs

Today I got

2 Not about to disclose yet geocoins

1 Islander1988 2006 Nickel (maybe antique silver)


1 Personalized QJ sig-rock from Islander1988.

Why I got this package from Islander1988 I dont quite know yet.

But THANKS Islander1988!!!

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Surprised today - so many padded envelopes :laughing:


April Fools 2007 SE glitter LE &

Mojave Desert 2007 Copper LE - both very nice variants - Thanks Castle Man! :o


Fluttershy Top40 - my first of this project - I like 'em!


Geocoinclub March 2007 Noobs! - These are very cool!


BrokenW's personal Dream geocoins in nickel - wow! :)



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What a great day today!!!


Part of the Random Act Of Kindness project Thank you what a nice surprise :o

2 BN Hogwild Famous Traveling

2 Silver Hogwild Famous Traveling

1 Satin Gold Hogwild Famous Traveling


Secret Leprachaun(Thank you Tasia :blink: !


1 2007 Dorkfish Tank ( What a beautiful design :( )

1 Tasia Top 40


1 KMII Gold

1 Fluttershy Top 40

1 Broken Record Top 40

1 Bag Top 40 Pins

Thank you Allie:P


1 UOTrackers Top 40

1 UOTrackers PathTag ( one of the best PathTags I have seen)

Thank you Jen

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I am very honored to have received a package from the Pay it Forward Geocoin Project. To pay that generosity forward, I'll think of a cointest to give a few coins away soon. Whoever was kind enough to list my name and for the person giving the coins, I thank you very, very much for your thoughtfulness.


:lostsignal: Gold Hog Wild Traveler

:D Nickel Hog Wild Traveler

:D:D:D Silver Hog Wild Traveler


and ...


:):D:D:D:D:D Samples of a new coin! YAHOO!!! They finally arrived!!!

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A couple days ago I got some samples of a new coin, and finally got around to loading the pictures...(they are two different finishes)


Those are nice. Now the obvious... Are they for sell?


The Stonehenge coins will be sold through hogwild stuff, the Pathtags are my husbands and he's not even trading them

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This is more like "What's not in my mailbox?!" B)


I ordered 2 Nurses Have Heart geocoins and 2 GC Police Garmin 2007 from oakcoins/geoswag right when they came out. Must have been at least 2 months back, possibly near the beginning of January. Since then I've placed 3 other orders for coins with geoswag and I've gotten all of those.


I sent an e-mail to first shop@geoswag.com then two weeks later to coins@oakcoins.com and shop@geoswag.com just to see if the coins shipped but I've gotten no response from them. I can't expect them to be responsible if these coins were shipped and lost in the mail but I expected at least a response to tell me that they had been shipped and when or that it was delayed being shipped for some reason. But I've gotten nothing, nada, zippo!


Not very good customer service if you ask me. Anyone else had issues with oakcoins.com/geoswag.com?


Personally, I'm not buying any more coins from them until this is sorted out. B)


On the lighter side, I got a Nicolo coin in the mail yesterday. B)


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Here is what I got in the past 2 weeks. Thanks for the trades/gifts/purchases.


2 April Fools Gold

1 AtlantaGal 2007 LE Satin Silver/Black Nickel

1 Compass Rose 2006 Polished Gold

2 Centris Red

1 Dreamcatcher Air Black Nickel

1 Easter Nav 'egg' ation Gold

1 Geo Coin Club 2006-06

2 GC&PC March 2007

1 Top 40 ~tasia~

1 Top 40 Nero

1 Geocaching Round 'Tuit Copper

1 Hildesheim 2006 Polished Chrome

3 Isle Of Man 2007 Gold

1 King Boreas 1000th Hide Brass

2 Lunchtime Gang Gold SE, Nickel

2 Moun10Girl

4 Nero V2 4 different metals

4 Not So Lost Puppies 2006 4 different metals

1 set ParentsofSAM 2007

1 Scotland 2006

1 Quest for the Grail Blue Ring

3 Steel City Babes 2 Gold, 1 Black Nickel LE

1 Team LightningBugs Brass

1 United We Cache Silver

3 Wildlife Muggles Sneaky Antlers Polished Gold Soft Enamel

2 Vermont 2006 Misty Silver

2 Breast Cancer Ribbon Shiny Polished Nickel

1 5 Jeeps Jeep Geocaching Adventure Blue

1 Alberta Wild Rose 2006

1 Ark-Mo 2006 Antique Bronze

1 Benchmark Stonehenge

2 Compass Rose 2007 LE SatinGold

1 Dirty_Bird & BigNastyBrain Misty Silver


Also a package that sayes with til April 1st to open. Seems kinda hard to do tho.

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