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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Have been gone for a few days for some field work so so,e very nice surprises:


SE New Brunswick - XXLE Chrome ( 1 of 15 Thanks Paul)


Zion National Park Rounds

Zion National Park Stamps

Yosemite National Park Stamps


Initial Point Antique Silver

Initial Point Antique Nickel (Thanks Glenn)


2007 IDTimberwolf

Cruiserdude B & C

Scouting Bronze


Anique Copper Age of Steam Set (Thanks Robert)

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Great couple of days :D


South Eastern New Brunswick Coins (AG) (AS) THX Paul these turned out great ! !


Isle Of Man 2007, WOW great coin !!


What Was In Your Mailbox coins , Silver and Gold . Great work Jen, !!!


Cachehunters42 2007

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The classy days have arrived...


Nero in 3 finsihes!


Steel City Babes in two finishes! I tried to trade for the third, but could not make it happen, the ones I bought though are awesome!


Age of Steam in three finishes!


All great coins! When I get coins of this quality, it is really hard to have a bad day! :D Thanks! Glen

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:huh::laughing: Big pay day!


5 black nickel kiss Me I'm Irish coins

Marky nano

Marky silver

Marky gold

compass rose antique silver x3

compass rose black nickel x2

compass rose satin gold

compass rose gold 2006

Iowa 2005

New York NYGO 2005

Scotland Antique silver

New Jersey 2005

Gold Florida

Mojave Desert antique silver

Mojave Desert antique gold (x2)

Dhenninger 2007

Moops minis

Parents of Sam micro set

micro mosquito

alabama 2005

Fazanten Endless Knot

Captain Gore-Tex Coin

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First I want to say thanks to all those that I have traded with. Tax season is a little hectic around this time for me. :anitongue: I haven't been very loyal to the forum. So I decided to just take a picture of all the coins I have recieved in the last month. If you don't see your trade coin in the picture. Most likely I already put it in my folders when I got ready for our local event, Coinapalooza, last month. Included also are the coins I got from my Secret Leprechaun!


There is one coin I don't remember trading for. :angry: It is the one in the middle, "Secret Agent Geocoin". It came in with a return address of Bering Sea, Alaska 99991. <_< Hummmmm! No such place! I searched in my emails and even snooped around in the forum to see who lived in the postmarked city. At this time I am still puzzled. So.... I want to give a BIG THANKS to whom ever sent it. This was a big surprise. THANKS!




Happy Caching and coin collecting



OH YA! That's Kluha Kitty trying to sneak off with a pin.

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Today was my lucky day....A record for coins for me!!!!! <_<:angry::anitongue:


In mailbox:

4 - Travel Coins

4 - Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver Coins & matching pins

4 - Wildlife Muggles Sneaky Antlers Coins & matching pins


At event:

2 - 2007 Gold Georgia Tybee Island Lighthouse coins

3 - 2007 Silver Georgia Tybee Island Lighthouse coins

1 - Circle of Public Safety(trade)

3 -Geocaching Quebec(purchased awhile ago -forgot about- and got today....Thanks Thorny1) :(

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